What homo sapiens think about

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Most of you probably are aware that as soon as human beings discovered, sometime during the 1700s, I think, that they were Homo sapiens, they figured out they needed a dictionary to find out what they were.  When they discovered they are wise and judgemental by definition, they immediately began wondering what they thought about.

The question was a tough one.  Mostly humans seemed to think they’d like a little something to eat.  Or they thought they’d like another brewsky, or they thought they were horny.  Sometimes, particularly during the winter months Homo sapiens thought it was cold and some even thought they’d like something to wrap around themselves to get warmer.

But otherwise Homo sapiens sapiens were less obvious about what they were thinking and discovering the nature of it eluded scientists.  Until psychology, then Facebook came along to allow them to publicly display what they were thinking.

“I think [name a celebrity] is awesome!”

“I think those [name a sports team] are awesome!”

“I think [name a consumer item] is awesome.”

“I think mean people suck!”

“I think I need a raise in pay!”

“I think the boss sucks!”

Researchers confirm that 98.7 percent of homo sapiens thought are either among these, or are within the same family of concepts.

Good to know we know what we are finally.

Old Jules

2 responses to “What homo sapiens think about

  1. Dang, and here I thought that men thought about sex 99.9 percent of the time. . . .

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