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Israel Calls For Increase In U.S. Taxes To Fund Attacks On Gaza

The Onion, News in PhotosNewsISSUE 48•46Nov 16, 2012  

  Israel Calls For Increase In U.S. Taxes To Fund Attacks On Gaza




Nation Horrified By Carolina Panthers’ Disturbingly Graphic Logo Redesign

Sports icons are evolving to better accommodate 21st Century residents
The Onion: Photo FinishSportsfootballUnsponsoredFeb 5, 2012
When the Confederate battle flags became unacceptable as a source of self-identity for Carolinians something was bound to replace them.

Deaf school begins fall term

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Across the road I’m looking at a playing field filled with banners celebrating the return of the deaf athletes who’ll be attending the Kansas School for the Deaf.  The buildings sit beyond the playing fields and cover roughly a city block.

Interestingly the players get their plays called by drumbeat codes.  Reason, of course, being that shouted calls won’t be heard.  However, one game they always win, Olathans assure one another, is the big one of the season against the Kansas School for the Blind.  That one’s always a sellout, standing-room-only game.  A heartening event to watch.

I’m not a big lover of football but I’ll be watching the practice occasionally from the front porch.  If I knew a bookie I think I’d place a bet on that big game with the School for the Blind.  I’m always on the side of the underdog.  And I’m a firm believer in the old saying about finding acorns.  This might be the Year of the Acorn for blind football players.

Old Jules

Gun Pays For Itself On First Day

News in PhotoscrimegunsISSUE 40•21May 26, 2004

Israel colonies in Palestine: Why US and Israel wants to ban this video…

An American Jew who took the trouble to live in colonized Palestine to see for herself what Israel is doing in the neighboring country it is stealing.

Israel colonizing its neighbor, Palestine, harassing the residents without mercy.  Bullying.  Stealing, intimidating, extorting land from the weak, legal owners.

Any non-Jew who opposes these Jewish NAZIs is an anti-Semite according to Israel.  The wall.  Chopping up the annexed, occupied land belonging to the neighbors.

Old Jules

Illegal Israeli settlements and Palestine: A Land in Fragments