Tough choices

An Israeli intelligence service cop cultivates a relationship with a kid living near one of the Israeli settlements and nurtures it.  Reason being to create an informant to betray the people who live around him.

The cop might actually kid himself it’s about friendship, that he cares what happens to the kid.  He seems to at times.  But when discussing it with his bosses in cophood he has to deny it, has to claim it’s about using the kid.

And use him he does.  The kid’s brother is a serious player in trying to discourage Israel’s expansion outside its boundaries.  He’s killing people in East Jerusalem.  The Israeli cops want him badly and eventually the cop uses information provided by the kid to trap the brother inside a building and execute him.

Bethlehem 2013 NR99 minutes An informant for Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service, Palestinian Sanfur is torn when his brother becomes an agency target. More Info Starring: Tsahi Halevi, Shadi Mar’i Director: Yuval Adler

Unsurprisingly the kid gets pissed, but his involvement with the cop gets him on a hit list among the Arabs for collaborating.  He’s offered a possible pardon if he kills the cop.

Your average, “Eek, there’s a nigger in the White House!” patriot never has to ask himself any moral questions, any ethical questions.  All he’s got to do is run around in increasingly smaller circles squealing and waving the flag anytime someone points at a war somewhere.  “Support the troops!” is about as complicated as it gets.  “Stand with Israel,” doesn’t even need saying.  Bought and paid for politicians have already taken care of Israel.

But you’ve got to admit those Israeli human beings and those Palestine human beings should be finding themselves with serious questions about what they are doing.  Which they probably aren’t.

If you’re a non-Jew living next door to Israel in Palestine you can watch Israel stealing it, piece-by-piece, house-by-house.  They’ll come right out and tell you God gave it to them.  Some people will inevitably fight back.  And those will be labelled terrorists.

If you’re an Israeli and you believe God gave you the keys to the land outside the boundaries set by International Law and the United Nations, anything goes.  Duplicity, manipulation, torture, force, bullying, lies.  Because you are motivated by the higher good.  By the fact that trumps all the others:  God gave you anything you want in Israel and Palestine.  All you’re doing is taking what’s rightfully yours.

I gave this movie a 5 star rating.

Old Jules

3 responses to “Tough choices

  1. And we wonder why people have turned their backs on god and religion?

  2. I don’t know if it on my end or your end, but your pictures have not been showing up on your blog. Just to let you know. It must be on my end, since no one else has said that they have had any trouble.

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