It’s been a hard days night

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by.

I was going to tell you and forgot.  Graduation day at the cardiac physical therapy facility a little fat guy about my age who’s always pretended I don’t exist was standing nearby as I chugged water.  He asked one of the other guys who the graduation banner was up for.

It’s for Jack.  He’s graduating today.”

I wonder if he’ll celebrate by getting a shave and haircut.”

To which I couldn’t resist, “No, but I might try to gain 40 pounds, get six inches shorter and start picking my nose a lot.”

I’m thinking I might have run into the guy in an all-night truck stop when I was hitching through in 1965.  2 am drunken local good old boys noticed me in a back booth swilling coffee waiting for daybreak.

Hey, what have we got here?  Are you one of the Beetles?”

Isn’t it a little late for that shit?”

Some things never change.

Old Jules

4 responses to “It’s been a hard days night

  1. Haircut and shave? What is that? It has been so many years since I have done either, I have forgot how.

  2. And I’m all haircut and mostly shaved. Not that it has made any difference in my moral condition, but it’s easy for me to live with. So is minding my own business. Good response, Jack.

  3. Great snappy comeback. My 32-year-old hubby has hair down to his arse and gets that sort of crap all the time. Especially from his own mother. Wish I’d a good comeback for HER!

    • heretherebespiders: Thanks for coming by. Fact is there’s no comeback for mothers and mothers-in-law. On any subject. They already know weverything. Gracias, J

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