Hell, no wonder I can’t freaking breath! Damned hole in the ozone layer plugged up my nostrils.

This is actually good news. I thought something was going wrong with my health.

Old Jules

6 responses to “Hell, no wonder I can’t freaking breath! Damned hole in the ozone layer plugged up my nostrils.

  1. Have you had a nebulizer treatment?

    • Hi elroyjones. I don’t know. I don’t know what one is. I do know I’m having one hell of a time keeping my blood oxygen up above 90 and going through an hour of exercise would be akin to drowning, viewing it from the front. But I’ve always been fond of nebulae and other deep space objects including globular clusters. If the moniker has an M in front of it I’m a big fan. So maybe I was nebulized sometime back during my life without being advised of it. Gracias, J

      • Sometimes if breathing is difficult, a nebulizer treatment is administered through a mask, medicine in the vapor can help open airways to make breathing easier. Efficacy depends on the underlying cause. Have you been back to the doctor since you had to stop exercising? Do you know what has caused the dip?

        • Hi elroyjones. I’m assuming now it’s this orange ozone alert causing me difficulties and not being able to exeercise. Haven’t been back to the doctors in a while. I’ve got a plan to avoid them until there’s a clear reason to do otherwise, and I plan to question the reason carefully before relenting. I’ve about had enough of doctors for a while. Gracias, J

  2. You could try making some really strong black coffee and inhaling the steam (careful, not too close!). It helps stave off asthma attacks for my sister, her doc told her it helps to open and relax the airways.

    Been lurking for a while now. Thanks for all the laughs & feel better soon.

    • Thanks wildcucumber. I’ll give that a try. I quit drinking coffee sometime over the past year without actually swearing it off. I don’t mind an excuse to have a sip. An opportunity to re-addict myself to it would be a shame to miss. And I’d rather to be addicted to coffee while being able to breathe than free of all addictions, but gasping for breath and experiencing all the accompanying drama of suffocation or asphysiation. Coffee sounds good, generally, and appealing under these trying circumstances. Gracias, J

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