Israeli arms manufacturer murders Arizona gun range instructor

‘Bullets And Burgers’ Gun Range Closed Indefinitely Following The Uzi Killing Of Instructor By Girl Read more at

Hi readers.

The Israeli manufacturers of Uzi submachine guns murdered a US citizen in Arizona recently by manufacturing and exporting to the United States instrument of his death.  The shooting instructor is evidently not of dual Israeli/US citizenship and it is not known at this time whether he was anti-Semitic in favor of Israel, or anti-Semitic in favor of Palestinians.

Israelis need to be cautioned the US will not sit by indefinitely as the target of this sort of terrorism-by-weapon-sale.  If it continues the US, the Prez should inform them, will begin sending thousands of anti-aircraft and ground-to-air missiles to Palestine to form a defensive shield similar to Iron Dome protecting Israel’s illegal colonies on Palestinian  land outside Israel.

Afterward if Israel continues assassinating US citizens who are not of dual citizenship the Prez should advise Israel we’ll send offensive weapons to Palestinians similar to the ones we sent Israel to invade and destroy Gaza.

Israeli terrorist firearms  attacks on US citizens have gone on too long.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Israeli arms manufacturer murders Arizona gun range instructor

  1. Have you read what the NRA said right after this tragedy? something like, children should always have fun with guns. Unfathomable.

    • Hi Wesley. Trouble with organizations of any kind is the people in ‘leadership’ positions always end up being idiots. Same as the memberships, the rank and file. That’s why I dropped my memberships to the AOPA and the AARP, and would drop my membership to the AMA if they’d let me in. I’ve got no problem with kids having fun with guns in places such as Bolivia, Antarctica, France or the UK. But I do draw the line when they start having fun with guns uprange from anywhere I’m considering travel in the direction of. I’d happily support legislation demanding every child have fun with guns in Washington, DC. Gracias, Jack

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