Ask Old Jules: Attributes of great philosophers, Can science explain everything, People making a difference, Does time travel exist?

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Old Jules, what attributes do great philosophers have in general?

They do their own thinking. They don’t allow common knowledge and conventional wisdom to establish boundaries around what they examine They select their own priorities and have the courage not to surrender and don’t offer up any apologies. During various phases of history they’ve been disparaged, punished, scorned and vilified. Some thrown in prison for their work. But mostly they persevered.

Old Jules, science can explain everything…can’t it?

Science can’t explain a microscopic piece of what’s going on at our own fingertips, big or small. What science knows about the workings of the universe outside our touch isn’t even worth mentioning. A few years ago science discovered the magnetic polarity of the sun reverses every eleven years, but nobody has a clue why. Nobody has a clue why the north magnetic pole of our planet is drifting a few miles a year. Nobody has a clue what’s behind the upper atmospheric phenomena discovered a few years ago called Blue Jets, Elves and Sprites. Technology is providing a tsunami of data to be observed, but humanity and science is miles behind on providing explanations for what’s observed.

Old Jules, how many people actually make a difference in their lifetimes?

Probably the same percentage of people as you remember today from the 1960s. Celebrities, a few engineers, a few politicians and a wealthy person or two most likely. The reason is that not many people do anything of lasting value and a lot of what lasts 50 years isn’t even of lasting value.

Old Jules if there is nothing after death and we won’t know when we die does it mean the final moment will never end?

Yep. Be careful not to die listening to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Old Jules, is there such thing as time travel? and can someone tell me how?

I used to know a guy during the 1990s named Steve Gibbs who believed he time traveled. He had a dozen or more designs for machines and was constantly designing more. In the late 1990s he fell off the radar. I don’t know what became of him, but for a while he was being interviewed on various radio programs and written up in the fringe science publications. You might do a web search on his name and time travel and come up with someone who has his plans if you want to mess around with it. I used to have a complete set of the drawings and handbooks, but they’ve gotten misplaced over the years.

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