Ask Old Jules: Change one event, Biggest problem faced by Earth, Making real changes, Haircuts


Old Jules, if you could go back and change ONE event in your life, NOT knowing what the consequences would be, what would you change?

I think I’d have bought an Osborne computer in 1982 instead of a Kaypro.

Old Jules, in your opinion what is the biggest problem this planet Earth faces at this point on the space time continuum?

The earth as a planetary body doesn’t have any problems, large or small, except temporary ones time will resolve. Among those short range problems genetic engineering of feed and food grains might be among the biggest. Or the layers of dissolved plastics forming over the ocean vortices where currents meet and garbage collects. This assumes CERN or some other laboratory doesn’t figure out a way to produce a black hole or antimatter of sufficient size or quantity to actually stuff the planet up its own rectum.

Old Jules, how do you start to make things Real in your life, have it the way you want it?

Take at least one active measure every day, no matter how small, toward making something happen. Separate yourself from the culture of cynical belief you can’t do it. Rob your ego of the satisfaction in believing you’re a victim.

Old Jules, how much you spend on haircuts in your life?

In the more advanced societies people own scissors and are able to cut their own hair. I personally trim my own hair with sheep shears when it needs cutting every few years. When I went to barbers it cost a dollar unless you wanted him to bleed you as well as cut your hair.

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