Cold, hard realities

Jack wrote this in December, 2005. I’m including some commentary that came from other readers and his response to them.

Mainly longjohns and sweatsuits.

I did my usual bathtub washing routine on my buildup of clothes that got to clogging my sinuses and causing the cats to turn up their noses at me when I put them on.  I’d been outdoors several times and it honestly didn’t feel all that cold.

So I hung everything out on the lines and figured all’s gonna be well with the sniffers in a few hours.

A while later I went out to check them and they’d all turned to cardboard on the line.

A couple of hours later I made the uplifting discovery that the cold wind was drying them a bit despite the fact they were frozen stiff as boards.

But now it appears the weather’s going sour, so I figured I’d best bring them in and let them dry the rest of the way indoors.

You haven’t lived until you pull a pair of longjohns off the clothesline and have them break in half in your hand, except a line of threads holding them together.


Jack your writings are so refreshing, but not simply toss the items in the dryer and solve the problem?
A washer and dryer aren’t among the blessings I find myself being grateful for every day. Maybe some future blessing to be grateful for.

Thanks for the comment.

Jack, 99.7% of the Indian population, maybe more, do not have washers and dryers. However, I suggest you get at least a washer…you’re not getting any younger..
Might well do that one of these days. This old adobe has such deficient wiring it would probably set fire to something if I plugged anything else into anything, as it stands. I’ve got extension cords running all over the house just to get light back to the bathroom. And there’s no place to get water from for a washer, short of running hoses alongside the extension cords. Might could get a hose off the water heater, which I’ve occasionally done for other reasons, but it would be cumbersome.

Then I’d have to run another hose off the discharge from the washer into the bathtub or commode, both of which drain slowly.

Until I pick a winner I’m going to have to just keep being blessed with a bathtub to wash the clothes in and a clothesline to dry them on. Which is a blessing worthy of plenty of gratitude.

Out at the cabin I always heated a washtub full of water over an open fire to wash clothes. Which kicked in my laziness factor when it came to rinsing all the soap out of my clothes. Went around for more than a year with my armpits sudsing on hot days.

This is better.

Thanks for the comment,

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