Ask Old Jules: A personal ethical problem, Are animals proud, Greatest passion in life, The chicken or the egg?


Old Jules, what is an ethical problem in your personal life?

I fill most of my material needs in life buying used from thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and just seeing something I need rusting away in a pasture or yard, stopping and haggling with the owner over a price. Naturally, once it’s established the item’s for sale, it’s a matter of finding everything possible wrong with it to get the price lower, throwing up the hands in disgust and showing signs of walking away, pretending the want or need isn’t actually there. The problem is weighing the actual value against the price at which it can be acquired. When to stop bargaining and pay the other person a fair price. Especially in those circumstances where the person doesn’t actually know the value, or if he/she knows, doesn’t believe the value can be had because the potential buyer [me] has put on too good a show of driving down the price. This happens a lot. Probably a lot more than you’d imagine. The natural inclination is to keep pushing, walk out of there with him/her paying you to haul it off it it can be managed, which also happens occasionally. I’d call finding a fair value and paying it is an ethical issue and a challenge to hold to. Particularly in the heat of the moment.

Old Jules, is it possible for other animals to be proud and not just us humans?

Yes, they do. Anyone who believes otherwise hasn’t spent much time around animals. It’s the reason a Palomino is a lousy horse. They’re not only prideful, they’re vain. Probably some animals aren’t, but many species are.

Old Jules, what’s your greatest passion in life?

Potable water under pressure inside the house might be at the top of the list. Close runner-up would be hot water for bathing, dish washing and shaving. Refrigeration’s also a big item with me, but not above running water.

Old Jules, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

An egg requires constant nurturing and frequent turning by a hen so’s to be able to hatch. After hatching it’s helpless for days and vulnerable to everything from nutrition to temperature for about six weeks. The egg didn’t come first.

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