Jack wrote this in November, 2005:

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Evening blogsters:

Someone gave me a bag of these.  Finest peppers in all Christandom.  They are, to the pepper world what Powerball and Megamillions are to the lottery world.


The name sort of rings musical, as does the pod.  High grade Acapulco Gold of fire and brimstone cuisine.

Fact is, they’re great for other things, as well.  You can grind them up, boil them, and spray the soup onto areas you don’t want the neighbor dogs to pee on.  You can take that soup and melt cold cream around it to rub on aching muscles and joints.

Or you can forget you have the pot boiling with them, let all the water boil off and you can fumigate your house impromptu.  You and the cats will go heaving and upchucking into the front yard first, followed by every spider, centipede and unborn generations of rodents who anticipated visiting the adobe one of these days ten years from now.

All lined up outside coughing and trying to breath, wiping the eyes, and generally having a big old time.


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