The language of numbers

Jack wrote this in February, 2006, when he was studying lottery histories and trying to find patterns in the winning numbers:

Evening blogsters:

This blog entry isn’t about winning lotteries. 

It’s about the attempts by man to impose randomness on them, and about how numbers respond.  It’s about whatever underlying meaning can be drawn from that information.

Millions of people are out there today trying to predict what numbers will hit tonight on the burgeoning Powerball Lottery.

The advertised jackpot is now $300 Million, which means a person who took the money instead of allowing them to ‘invest’ it for him at low interest for decades, would be entitled to around $150 Million before taxes.  Roughly $75 Million after taxes.

Way more money than any human being needs to struggle through a stint of three-score-and-ten times around the star.  More challenges hidden in that $75 M bucks than most anyone needs, as well.

But the reason I’m writing this blog isn’t about stupid overwhelming amounts of money a person can buy toys with.

It’s about those random numbers and the way they behave.  They ain’t random.  They’re coming from somewhere, and they mean something.  They’re showing up in the lotteries throughout the world, all in the same non-random sets of patterns.

I’ve been studying this over a year.  It’s been a spiritual experience I never expected when I began…. but once I saw the Universe is trying to tell us something, measuring something, labelling something, through the numbers that hit each day, particularly when they win prizes, it was also clear it’s all by intelligent design.

All those people trying to predict what numbers are going to hit tonight would be better served trying to understand what those numbers are predicting.

Within the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed on my feed, the Wisconsin lottery hit the same combination of numbers twice during a ten day period.  Can you imagine the odds against such a thing happening?

Here’s another example.  These are the numbers that actually won the last ten jackpots on Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries:

MM 1/6/2006 8 11 28 37 53 12
MM 12/30/2005 14 20 25 40 44 37
MM 11/29/2005 7 8 40 51 52 5
MM 11/15/2005 2 4 5 40 48 7
PB 11/2/2005 6 11 14 27 41 38
PB 10/22/2005 6 7 36 51 53 17
MM 9/20/2005 35 36 40 42 52 45
PB 8/13/2005 1 2 18 37 43 37 37
MM 7/26/2005 1 10 18 29 55 8
MM 6/7/2005 7 14 28 46 40 25

Look at them closely, and when you do, imagine the buzzillions to one odds against it happening even once.  Look at how every time a jackpot is won one, two, or more of the same numbers win the next one, even when it’s on the other lottery.

We’ve got a lot to learn.

One of the things I want to understand before I die is what those numbers are trying to say, aside from screaming, “I ain’t RANDOM, you humans!  I’m trying to TELL you something.  Listen to me.”

The more trouble human beings go to, the more security measures they use, the more methodology, to try to impose randomness on numbers, the more they stretch and sing.  The more they try to get our attention.

Maybe in some future blog entry I’ll tell how a forward I got by email about a ‘black box’ in a university basement in the UK designed to generate random numbers first twigged me this might be so.

First I’ll see if anyone but me finds even a speck of interest in the subject.



You dowsers, and the other metaphysical folk among you blogsters:

 If you have trouble believing this, dowse it for truth.  Channel it.  Skry it.  Do whatever you do, and once you’ve done it, tell me it ain’t so.



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