Ask Old Jules: Friends/acquaintances, A Great Life, Point of living, Life symbol, Set in your ways?

Mandala Back Up CD2 237

Old Jules, what is the difference between friends and acquaintances?

Acquaintances are people you once believed were friends until you needed them in a way that put courage, loyalty and trust on the front burner. Friends are people who survived the above test.

Old Jules, what do you consider, “A Great Life”?

The one I’ve had is the only one I’d want, aside from whatever’s left of it, which I include in the statement. Whatever it lacks in greatness it makes up for in managing to always be itself.

Old Jules, what is the point of living this shitty life?

If that’s where you find yourself at 43 it’s because you love hating life more than you believe you’d love loving it. Savor all the joy you’re getting out of hating life because having made that choice you might as well savor it unless you decide to change directions and love it. Hating life probably gets a bit arid eventually.

Old Jules, what would be a good life symbol?

A pair of moccasins you can hand to those who’d judge you so’s they could walk a mile in them.

Old Jules, having come this far in life, are you set in your ways/values/morals?

Life’s still full of surprises for me, but I don’t believe I could surprise myself anymore. I’ve still got a lot of growing to do and I’m still as stupid, determined, impetuous and vulnerable to premature conclusions as I ever was, but I’m familiar with myself and generally know what to expect from me.


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