News from the Middle of Nowhere

El Palenque

El Palenque doesn’t think;
Knows his only job
And does it;

Perfection without

Old Jules copyright 2003 NineLives Press

Escape artist

Unless the Great Speckled Bird is closed up in the other pen so the younger roosters can’t open a can of whoopass on him I keep them separated here:

”]and every night deer, coons and other critters break into the cage for leftover feed or as a possible access to the fortress.  Before I let the two roos into the pen at daybreak each day I go around the base and make repairs with wire pinchers and tie wire.

And every few days this guy finds a way out.  So I herd the Great Speckled Bird off to the other pen for his own protection.

Mr. Leon Trotsky, I swear to you, is pushing his luck.


Meanwhile:  My personal


for the most ironic news item:

Quick News: American flags made in China


A couple of other blogs I especially enjoyed today:

Old Fools Journal: Toast or How I sometimes make briquets using the “Lot of Smoke” method.

Cardboard Reality Interventions #237 – The Outaspaceman



7 responses to “News from the Middle of Nowhere

  1. Thanks Bob. I’d forgotten that one. Glad you stopped by. Gracias, J

  2. Having trouble getting to some of your posts….don’t know why. Any advice?

    • Momlady: Good morning to you. Thanks for stopping by, and particularly for telling me you’re having a problem. Are you getting dead links clicking by category, trouble loading, error messages, something of that sort? I don’t know much about this stuff, but I’ll try to help if you’ll explain what’s happening. Gracias, J

  3. Momlady, Admin here. If you get the posts sent to your email, I can explain this one: I accidentally hit “publish” instead of “schedule” the other day… producing (when I was trying to fix it) two accidental postings of something that will be coming up sometime in the future. Then I deleted the posts. So you may have gotten a “new post” message and then not been able to see it.
    If that isn’t it, I’m not sure what it could be.

  4. What is NineLives press? I have just spent several hours going back over your old posts. I am having a blast. Thank you for all your work and dedication!

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