Recurring dreams of life
Disturbed his slumber
Nightmares they often were
But they were dreams
Had to wait in line
Almost forever
To even get a nightmare
Ticket out
For just that tiny while
From all that somnolent
Endless nothing
Broken now and then
By welcome
Welcome dreams;
Nightmare punctuation
In a twenty-chapter sentence
Was a blessing;
Wished he could kill himself
When he killed himself
In dreams

But never quite learned
To love the nightmares
While he dreamed them

Old Jules


21 responses to “Reincarnation

  1. I enjoyed this very much and loved this part:

    “Had to wait in line
    Almost forever
    To even get a nightmare
    Ticket out”

    Wow Jules, you amaze me every day. Please don’t stop.

  2. aww, dreams the non-illusion of nightmares, a mental play with-in a mind that feels as real as honey on the tongue. Nice write amigo (~_~)

    • zendictive: Hi and thanks for the visit. Guess the boundary between illusion and non-illusion needs to be surveyed, staked with orange flags and other identifiers if we’re expected to stay on one side or the other. Gracias, Jules

  3. The gift of words that reach like a plough into the depth of our being are a cause for thankfulness. The daily gathering of layer upon layer of events and thoughts of joy and pain, hope, despair, toil and rest can be shared by the cutting edge of the plough shear. But it is in the examination and understanding of what is unearthed, that reveals the purpose for the searching blade. The unearthing of, and the bringing out into the light the stuff that lies hidden, buried, dormant. The stuff that either feeds the crop or ravages it.
    Like the ploughed field the soil needs to be broken further by the scarifying examination of the truth. Much that attacks the crop and brings ruin is pulled up and destroyed when the sun is allowed to do its work. That in the end is beyond ourselves to control. We can only cause a shadow by getting in the way. Not only tares and wireworms but a jewel can be exposed in the tilth at some point unknown to us in the fields of our labours. It is there but, like seeds that have one cycle of seasons to grow, there is only one lifetime of seasons in which to find it.
    Thank you for putting your hand to the plough and sharing


  4. I like this Jules. I often wonder if what seems real isn’t really just a dream, or a nightmare.

  5. Hey Jules can you please explain to me as to how you entered the links in “blogroll” sidebar of your blog. I don’t know how to do that, would be glad if you could offer me instructions on how to do it.

    • V. Ganish: Good morning to you. There’s something called a Dashboard I click and when a page comes up the sidebar has a ‘links’ pulldown, then a ‘new’. That gives you a screen that lets you enter links. Hope that helps. Jules

  6. Very nice poem, Jules. I hardly remember any of my dreams, though I’m sure I live them. Here’s a part of one from this past weekend:
    I am not sure of the meaning of this tiny bit of dream, but sure liked the little guy.

  7. Your poem popped up as a “Related Article” as I was posting my poem about a nightmarish night I had, so I linked it. I love your poem and am glad I investigated your site.

    I also have felt that I have lived multiple lifetimes in this one… Don’t you think we should get extra “points” towards our enlightenment?
    Gayle ~

    • Bodhirose: I hope if you want extra points along those lines you’ll get them. I’m still trying to catch up to all the points I lost along the way. I’d be disoriented if someone made me take extras when I’m not even up to the bottom line yet in the enlightenment department. Gracias, Jules

  8. Yeah, I guess you’re right, Jules…I’ve lost a few points along the way too..I forgot about that..

    • Bodhirose: The reincarnation thing’s full of tripwires and subtle challenges, thinks I. Somewhere back there I came to a realization close enough to embrace, for me, that a long series of lives isn’t so much a blessing as just one of those things we’ve got to do and can’t escape. It raises the ante and the table stakes for all the choices we have to make and all the challenges we face. I’m obliged for your visit. Jules

  9. So true…full of tripwires (I’ve done full face-plants so many times)! I don’t much think of them (lives) as blessings either–so many people say life is though–but I find it extremely challenging…especially the getting along with others part…

    I could go on and on…but I won’t. Thanks for the interesting exchange, Jules.

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