An Addendum About My Personal View of Mormons

I didn’t say this in the post because I didn’t think it needed saying, but I think it might.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about Mormons.  I’ve never been ill-treated by them, cheated by them, lied to by them so far as I know.  The ones I’ve met have generally been solid, hard-working, honest people.  Seemingly more so compared to the impression I’ve been left with in my seven decades of experience with the remainder of the population.  Christians, Gentile, Jew, atheist, Muslim and agnostic.  Even Buddhists, Taoists, Hindu, and the herd of New Age Gurus.  Even Hopi Elders and Ambiguous Native American Shamans.

My interest in Mormons came to being with the gradual realization that the parties involved in the lost gold mine I searched for so many years were predominantly Mormons.  It was a factor left entirely out of the legend as it came out of the 19th Century and it required years of research to uncover that fact.  The cousin of one of the central characters was evidently the second wife of Brigham Young.  Family names of the lost gold mine participants also show up among people involved in Mountain Meadows.

The timing on the lost gold mine incident and that of the Mountain Meadows massacre originally drew my interest.

What Mormons believe about polygamy, same-sex marriages, almost anything at all has no bearing on my impression and generally benevolent attitude toward them as a whole.  In areas where we disagree I’m willing to forgive them for being wrongheaded, same as I try to forgive everyone else who disagrees with me.  Otherwise I’d be forever having to keep score of who was right in this world, and who is wrong.  It just ain’t worth the effort even those relatively few areas where I can’t restrain myself from having an opinion.

Old Jules


9 responses to “An Addendum About My Personal View of Mormons

  1. I think I knew this is how you felt. But I sure am glad you wrote it out. Very cool.

  2. Hello mate,

    Read The 19th Wife – it is about an extreme sect, but it involves many thousands.of people who are ignored by the US guvmint… Worrying that Romney is both mormon and hugely wealthy.

    • Clarissa: I don’t know who Romney is and don’t care how many wives or husbands people bless themselves with. My mother was married four times as was my biological father. Were it not for lawyers and divorce courts I’d have had eight parents or thereabouts. I’ve known some okay rich people, a couple of whom I’ve posted about here, so I’m not on autopilot insofar as forming opinions universally condemning individual possessing wealth. Thanks. Jules

  3. It seems to me I remember Brigham Young obtaining a lot of the funds required to build the Mormon Tabernacle in SLS through robbing a series of wagon trains, but today I can only find references to the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Like Joseph Smith, Young was an ignorant charlatan. But you can’t tell the Mormons that. I lived in Northeastern Ohio for awhile, where Smith had tried to found his temple and was run out of town by an armed mob (that happened several times along the way to Utah). Smith was definitely a negative topic in that region of Ohio, even 150 years after the fact.

    I attended a Mormon church for awhile in the South. The church members where uniformly polite, conservative, family-oriented, and all-around wonderful people. But a few whispered that the leaders in SLS were crazy people. I don’t know. I’ve never been there or met them.

    Romney doesn’t bother me, except that he’s not conservative enough. But being a Mormon certainly gives him a decent background in conservatism.

    • Marvin: The human population has no shortage of ignorant charlatans and people able to identify who they are but are unable to convince the folks who don’t know it. Ignorant charlatans can generally be identified easily because they disagree with our own views on things. I don’t know where Brigham Young got his funds. I do know a fair amount about wagon trains and I think there’s a reason you can’t find references to what you’re talking about because the robberies didn’t happen.

      I didn’t intend to convey that a lot of people don’t like Mormons and didn’t like them when they were robbing and raping them between other mobbings and killings. I think they probably didn’t like them, same as you do.

      Thanks for dropping by. Jules

  4. We have a Mormon Temple and church in our small town. I agree with your statements completely. All that I know, which is quite a bunch are kind and concerned about humanity. They no longer tolerate more than one wife, the happiness level is high, the divorce level very low, the children a fun and sweet. I agree 100% that as a group they are the most tolerant, family and community oriented. Mayhaps I have only been lucky…

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