Art Work Update from Jeanne

Last week when I finally cleared the decks and got out all the pens again, I realized how critical it seemed for me to start drawing every day. In the meantime I came across this little book while I was shelving at the library:

It describes Resistance and how to combat it. Those of you who are doing creative work already know what I’m talking about. But knowing the characteristics of Resistance and having a plan to fight it helps. I’m going to have to own this book just in case I ever see myself getting away from drawing again.

So here are a few photos for you showing what I’ve been working on.These aren’t scans, so the photo angles will be a bit off.

Although I find the asymmetrical ones very fun to work on, I also demand that I retain my ability to do the symmetrical ones free-hand. All those curlicues in the middle area compensate somewhat for where it got off track. I hope.

I rarely get out a ruler, but on this one I did for the next stage. I just used it to mark dots where I wanted to start those outside edge designs. Once I had one that I thought was round, and when I got a circular mat cut for it, it turned out it wasn’t round at all. So now I’m more careful about that, either making sure it’s round or not getting round mats!

Here’s one more from the end of last night:
I don’t think it’s finished, but at this point it’s definitely time to walk away and not look at it for a few days.

However, I couldn’t help bringing it over to Paint Shop Pro to see what I could come up with:
Love it!

Here’s a close-up of an old one that I had already matted about 6 years ago. I had pens that weren’t as good as the ones I use now, so I’m brightening it up with better colors:
I guess that center motif has always been a favorite of mine. I need to break away from that.

Just for fun, here’s a photo of the above taken under a black light:

A photo of the work table. My son took a card table and cut off the legs so it’s only about a foot high.  I sit on a cushion on the floor. I have a clamp-on light and a clamp-on magnifier. It works great since I can move it around easily and can use it for anything up to a couple of feet square.
Oh, I also worked on that long strip one lying across the pens. But I’ll show you that one again when it’s finished.
I hope everyone has a good creative day!


16 responses to “Art Work Update from Jeanne

  1. Do you work mainly with gel pens on dark paper?

  2. I either use paper or mat board. I like mat board better just because it’s tougher. I’ve used lighter colors in the past, and might again.

  3. WOW.. i had no idea, your work is like a jewel all sparkly and deep at the same time.. wonderful.. you must have fantastic patience.. now about that book from the library! You are going to return it, aren’t you.(laughter).. c

  4. The creative process for your art is really not a whole lot different from mine as a musician…. I have some pet riffs or song structures I may play a lot which correlates to your usage of the center motif and I certainly understand walking away from a project for a few days or brightening up old recordings with a new effects pedal or instrument. The concept of resistance is one I’ll have to explore, I’ve been fighting myself creatively for many years and am intuitively aware of it, I’ve been relatively content to “go with the flow” but most times the flow is only a trickle. So this book may be quite helpful also, thanks for sharing your insights and beautiful work with us Jeanne. Have a wonderful day …….Peace, Light & Love.

    • Rich, thanks. Here’s a quote from the book: “Creative work is…a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”

  5. Jeanne! Love this post, love your work, and the inspiration to stay on track. Great idea with the short legged table, you can be anywhere.

  6. I’d reccomend ‘The Artist’s Way’ as well! Really helped me, when I buckled down and followed her ideas. It’s a lot about writing, but maybe I took it that way as my block was writing! I really need to read it again…

    • Yes, The Artist’s Way is sort of a classic. It was a catalyst for all kinds of changes in my life when I started working with it about ten years ago. I’ll always have a deep appreciation for Julia Cameron.

  7. I love your artwork, Jeanne! It’s nice to see a bit of the process involved.

  8. I like what you do very much. That centre swirl is very shaman, ancient, ancient, I think.

  9. I’m particularly fond of the first photo. It reminds why I like the music of Satie: less is more when you do it right.

  10. I’d like to read more about the pens and paints that you use.

  11. Beautiful design work. Most days it’s easy to work, but occasionally I have to back off for a few days to recharge. That happens when it is an intricate and time consuming piece. I do the love quote you shared from the book.

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