Advice and Consent

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.


Me:  Wassat?  The damned telephone?  Where the hell is it?  Ahh!  Under that.  Get off there, cat!


Me:  [scowling.  Into the phone.] This better be good.

Telephone:  Old Jules?

Me:  Who’s asking?

Telephone:  This is George Armstrong Custer MacGruder.  I’m calling for the president.

Me:  President of what?

Telephone:  President of the United States.

Me:  What?  The black guy?  Tell him I don’t vote.

Telephone:  He knows you don’t vote.

Me:  Then why the hell are you calling?

Telephone:  He reads your blog.  Hopes you’ll answer some questions.

Me:  I don’t want some president nosing around in my affairs.  I don’t stick my nose into his business.  He needs take care of whatever it is he does up there.

Telephone:  Nothing he’s tried so far is working.  He’s casting around for ideas.  desperate.

Me:  That’s laudable, anyway.  You’ve got the wrong number.  I don’t have any ideas.  Tell him to take up Zen.  Learn to use the I Ching.

Telephone:  I Ching?

Me:  Yeah.  The Book of Changes.  Chinese.  Divination.  Confucius.  All that.  The John Richard Lynn translation of Wang Bi’s the best one I’ve found.  Yarrow stick method.  Damned coins will throw you off.    Tell him to pay close attention to the changing lines.  You still there?

Telephone:  I’m taking notes.  Sorry.

Me:  Anything else you need?  I’ve got things to do here.

Telephone:  So you’re saying the President needs to consult an oracle?

Me:  You said nothing else is working didn’t you?

Telephone:  Can you think of any other advice you’d like to give the President?

Me:  I don’t give advice.  Except I advise you not to call me again.  I get pissed off sometimes when people bother me.

Telephone:  Could he send you an email?

Me:  As long as he’s not trying to sell anything, persuade me to vote, or ask my advice.

Telephone:  Thanks.

Me:  Sure.  Anytime.

Old Jules

10 responses to “Advice and Consent

  1. Hey Jules,

    I get it.
    Why bother to give advice?
    Do we really believe they would take advice from us.
    Even from a crotchety old blogger with lines as deep as The Canyon; like yourself?
    Does your lifetime of life on the edge mean anything to someone like the President?
    Will he hear the wisdom in the wind or comprehend the lessons learned by long association with the wiser species of creatures like dogs, cats and chickens; deer, birds and insects?
    No he will not.
    Neither this President nor any other President will ever understand such things.
    Even those who come from the land and frequent the forests fail to see the beauty and never seek the oneness with nature that would allow them to become men of peace rather than men of expedience or understand that the world turns and the rain falls and the sun comes up every day and not one thing that we do or fail to do will affect the ultimate outcome for this planet.
    They will never seek knowledge; only facts and statistics.
    They will never seek truth; only advantage.
    And they will never posses the one necessary ability for hearing the voice of the Earth and the Sky; or the voice of their own god.
    The ability to be still.
    In stillness we hear.
    In stillness we see the big picture.
    In stillness we come to be able to listen and learn.
    In stillness we hear the music of the Earth and if we listen carefully; for a long time; we may even learn to dance to that music.
    But stillness is a practiced ability.
    Listening and hearing and learning are impossible when the sound of your own voice is the only music you require and your treasure of facts and statistics the only knowledge you seek.

  2. I like your advice! And the phone. Haven’t seen one of those since—can’t remember.

  3. You are amazing. Love this and would I love to have the opportunity for a one on one with the Pres. I would not be so kind.

  4. Jules,

    I have read every post over the past year or so…… never have posted a response till now. Many… many times you have struck cords witin my soul and experiences..

    Dammit Man… this may be your best. Especially during this election year.

    Thanks for the reassurance.


  5. Thanks for the chuckles. Needed laughter in this day…it has been a long one. Nothing in particular, just life.


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