Damned Environmentalists vs It’s All About Money

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

The neighbor up the hill drove down to sit awhile yesterday evening.  We discovered once again, as we have before, there are areas where we’re rigid enough in our certainties so’s there’s no room for civil discourse.  We found two of those more quickly than it takes to tell it.  One involved multi-national corporations.

Neighbor:  Sure.  They’re shipping jobs and industry overseas because labor, costs of production are cheaper.

Me:  That’s what I’m saying.  They’re indifferent to the well being of US workers, the US economy. 

Neighbor:  It’s still jobs.  Still people working, making a living.  Africa, South America.  They’re all people.

Me:  Yeah, they’re people.  But why should a guy in Minnesota trying to scratch out a living favor losing it so’s someone in Asia can have a job?

Neighbor:  He can buy products cheaper.

Me:  He can’t buy products at any price if he doesn’t have a job.  Part of the job of his government is to make sure his job stays inside the country.

Neighbor, clamping jaw:  We aren’t going to talk about this.  You and I see it differently.

Then, a few minutes later:

Neighbor:  They want to build a pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the Texas coast.  Damned environmentalists are protesting, keeping them from it.

Me:  So why don’t they refine it up there.  Canada, northern US?

Neighbor:  No shipping ports.

Me:  What they need shipping ports for?  Nobody in Canada, Minnesota needs gasoline?  Cities don’t need hydrocarbons to produce electricity?

Neighbor:  They need to sell it overseas.   It’s all about money.  They can get better prices selling it to China or somewhere.

 Me:  Who needs to sell it overseas?  The people living on the land they’d take by government mandate to  put in a pipeline?  The people in the US who’d be heating their houses and running their cars on the gasoline if it’s refined close to where it comes out of the ground?  Who?

Neighbor, getting up:  Sorry I brought it up.

Luckily, neither the neighbor, nor I, depend on any sort of agreement between ourselves.  Neither has anything invested in the opinion of the other.  And whatever we might think about it, that oil’s going to arrive where the people who burn it pay the highest price.  The Canadian sands producing oil belong to people who might be anywhere, but who own stock in a company who bought the mineral rights.  They want the most dividends so they can buy more stock and get more dividends.

Old Jules

22 responses to “Damned Environmentalists vs It’s All About Money

  1. The XL Pipeline is still a big story here in Nebraska. We thought it was all settled, in that it wasn’t going to come through here. However, the Governor decided to flex his authority and overrule the voice of the people.

  2. Reasonable people can have a reasonable discussion — I think.

  3. A very interesting image you’ve chosen to illustrate. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same….

    • Hi Teresa Evangeline: Yeah, I like that pic, too. Jeanne saw it somewhere in New Mexico hanging on a wall, took a pic of it. Good seeing you. Gracias, J

  4. When there is no more of anything dividends won’t matter. I hope I don’t live long enough to see that day.

    • elroyjones: I don’t mind living long enough to see it, feel obligated to do so if the cats live that long. It’s all good, some just more difficult than something else. gracias, J

  5. Heck, we live in Texas you and I and we got the refineries, just build the pipe line, it will give a lot of people jobs, even if it don’t get the whole way here to Texas.

    • Hi DizzyDick: I ain’t building no popeline. Guess Texans will have to fend for themselves. The neighbor tells me young Texans are lousy workers, anyway. Even the Anglo ones, some of them. Gracias, J

    • The pipeline will no doubt have dirty accidents, they always do. Why can’t we employ people building wind turbines and solar panels? Just because there is an ounce of petroleum in the ground doesn’t mean we have to use it. There are still rocks in the ground, but we moved on from the stone age, didn’t we?
      I’m with you, Jules, it would be good if we could stop the shareholders from destroying our environment and economy for their short-term gain.

  6. We used to have several refineries in northwest NM. Gave lots of folks jobs. Now they are gone. Gas was cheaper, too. Why should we ship all our jobs overseas? Aren’t people smart enough to see that when we don’t have a job we can’t buy cheap products from overseas…..And BYW, I have not seen cheaper from overseas in a long time. Besides that lots of the products from overseas, especially China, is of such poor quality that it isn’t usable for long if at all. I try to buy American. It can be hard to find American Made.

    If things don’t change to return jobs here and our nation get back to being hardworking and honest we may live to see it disintegrate. I , too, don’t want to live to see that.

    • Hi Mary: Yeah, there is China peeking down the incoming trains and out from behind the appliance stores. It’s a rubber monster toy world we live in. Gracias, J

  7. Yup. Sounds like some of my testier conversations – haven’t had one in awhile, though. If humans have anything, we’re never short of opinions!

    • Hi bela: I prefer to think this one wasn’t so much testy as hmmm the alternative, whatever that might be. Opinions can’t be avoided, but they can be shouted down by other opinions outnumbering them I reckons. Gracias, J

  8. The XL pipeline runs from Canada thru the middle of the U.S. so they can ship petroleum overseas. Don’t see much benefit to me. A couple years of welding jobs? A lot of Canadians are dead set against it but their P.M. is betting their whole economy on this bag of tricks.

    • earthstonestation: Good seeing you here. Probably it’s a matter of who’s going to see the benefit. If Canada didn’t try to sell it overseas, refined and sold it to Canadians, the price of energy for Canadians would almost certainly be reduced and the benefits accrued would make their way down into the pocketbooks of people who wouldn’t appreciate them as much. Not as much as the people who already have more than they can spend, but want more will enjoy bigger numbers on their net-worth sheets. Gracias, J

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  10. Back at you on the XL Pipeline. Nebraska is apparently still in the mix if it goes through. The folks here, though, are like a disturbed hive of hornets regarding the violation of their property rights, etc. The people who drink and use water from the Ogallala aquifer, practically everyone here, are none too thrilled, either.

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