Philosophy by Limerick – We’re DIFFERENT Now!

“A Marxist DICTATOR!” she cries
Buzz-wording with widening eyes.
Pretend OUR replacement
Will end the defacement;
OUR bail-outs efficient and wise.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Philosophy by Limerick – We’re DIFFERENT Now!

  1. Funny! Do you remember North’s lawyer who made the potted plant remark? That was a long hot summer too.

    • Good morning elroyjones. I don’t recall the remark. Can’t even recall the weather of the time. But I’m becoming an expert on hot and summer. Gracias, J

  2. I once heard him referred to as “Howdy Doody at a Hitler youth camp. How (almost) innocuous he seems now in the face of all that has since transpired.

    • Good morning Teresa Evangeline. That’s a smiler. Seems, though, the 21st Century’s become a Hitler Youth Camp migrated across the Atlantic and spawned a legion of Howdy Doody clones. Good seeing you. Gracias, J

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