Trip West Photos from Jeanne

Crater Lake was a new discovery for me this trip. I took hundreds of pictures there. Heck, have one more:
That’s Wizard Island, the secondary cone. Crater Lake is about six miles across and 2,000 feet deep.
Aw, shucks, here’s one more, ’cause you’ve got to see the Phantom Ship:

Now to the Willamette National Forest. Here’s the view coming in towards the resort town of Detroit:

Below is where I like to hike around Devil’s Creek:

Forest floor.

My family has been going to Mt. Rainier since the 1920’s.

Mt. Rainier the first evening at sunset.

Clear weather is not always a given at the mountain, which makes its own weather!

I love bracket fungus and the dew drops caught my attention.

This lake can be seen by the road if you travel towards Sunrise (east) at Mt. Rainier. I’ll put pictures up of the view at Sunrise some other time.

This great view of Myrtle Falls is only a 7 minute walk from the parking lot at Paradise.

Narada Falls is too big to fit into any camera view, so I just put it in the background for this shot.

Evening sun on the mountain.

I hope you enjoy these, it’s hard to choose favorites from 2600 photos! I’ll put more up some other time if you like.


19 responses to “Trip West Photos from Jeanne

  1. I think if you click on each of these you’ll see the pictures more clearly.

  2. Such nice pictures!

  3. Really great views, I can look at that sort of thing forever.

  4. Your images are gorgeous, Jeanne! My favorite is the ”Queen Anne’s Lace” photo—I love your use of depth of field!

  5. Some of the names sound like places I remember my parents talking about when they lived in Oregon. Thanks for sharing the photos. Beautiful places and excellent photos. Blessings.

  6. Really lovely, thank you! I’ve only ever seen Ranier from a plane.

  7. Thanks for the photos. We visited Seattle for the first time last September arriving on the Coast Starlight from San Francisco. We fell in love with the city but, unfortunately, the weather stopped us getting to Mt Rainier which was our plan. We did get a trip across the Sound to Bremerton but that was our only local adventure. Your photos have reminded us that we need to revisit Seattle when we next cross The Pond to visit our family who have recently moved to Little Rock AR, probably in the Spring of 2013. Keep the photos coming. Alan

  8. Breathtaking pics of stupendous places, Jeanne. Thanks for posting them. Jack

  9. Excellent composition on the images. Half of photography is knowing where to stand and where to point.

  10. Amazing beauty. Makes me want to swim. I can almost smell the fresh, clean, air.

  11. Thanks for sharing, they are beautiful.

  12. Stupendous photos, Jeanne. Thanks for sharing them. Hope one day to visit Crater Lake myself. Absolutely beautiful, and you did it justice!

  13. Lovely photos, Jeanne, thanks for sharing

  14. Your photos are outstanding! Brought back memories of my trip out there a few years back. Thanks for the memories!

  15. Lovely, lovely photos Jeanne! Crater Lake is as blue as I remember it from childhood!

  16. really nice pictures Jeanne, you have a great eye, out in that world you really aren’t in Kansas anymore are you?

  17. Enjoyed very much. Thank you…

  18. I wanted to see these again.

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