Humpty Dumptytime

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming around.  I’m hoping you’re all getting your ducks in a row to put whatever lousy issues you’ve got to rest, come midnight.  Beginning one minute afterward we’ve all got to start the serious business of trying to live with all that behind us.  The Coincidence Coordinators have a lot in store for each of us and they don’t want any of it getting bogged down in tanglefootedness left over from yesteryear.

Some of you probably remember that bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label,

Juggling the Possibilities.

 I wrote about it November 17, 2011,

“I finished off most of this bottle of Jack Daniels on December 31, 1999, while I was sitting around listening on the short wave radio to Y2K not happening, first in New Zealand, then Australia, then places further west until it got to me, where it happened well enough to make up for those other places it didn’t.

“But as you can see, there was some left in the bottle when Y2K got to me.  I resolved to hold it back until something else happened.  I’ve had it sitting over there on the microwave collecting dust for several years, threatening to celebrate various New Year and Thanksgivings and I-don’t-know-whatalls.  I’d had it in the back of my mind lately I’d do my 70th birthday with it, then slid the clock backward and thought maybe my 69th here in a few days.”

Fact is, that bottle qualifies as an open container.  I can’t travel with it in the RV.  So this evening I’m going to put on some good music and sip that Jack Daniels to death celebrating all the Humpty Dumpties in my 2012.

The Great Speckled Bird: Respecting our Betters

The Great Speckled Bird went off maybe in July to wherever chickens go when they die, and later in the year I Humpty Dumptied my contracts with the hens and other roosters.  [Sip anticipated] 

I terminated my contract with Shiva The Cow Cat.  [Sip anticipated]

There’s this:

Roof and Chimney Leaks — White Trash Repairs

But we didn’t reach a consensus, the felines etc. on the matter of roof repairs and leaks.  Shiva the cow-cat argues, “What the hell!  Here’s a perfect spot for both those indoor cats in a thunderstorm.  What’s the big deal?  If they don’t like it throw them outdoors with Tabby and me.

I’m sick and tired of all the age discrimination around here in favor of geriatric cats.” [Sip anticipated]

And of course, the Humpty Dumpty trees. [Sip anticipated]

Men's ThermoPlus Extreme Boot Liner,default,pd.html

I’ve used my Sorel boot liners several years as thermal house shoes when it’s cold, and they’ve begun to fray.  Looked up the price of replacing them and discovered it’s $45, so I went to work on the seams and edges with super glue.

No Humpty Dumpty for them.  But I’ll sip to them anyway if there’s any left.

As for Shiva, she’s doing well up there, happy.  Jeanne and I have a ritual of talking on the phone, speaker phone on on her end.  Shiva sits on her shoulder, purrs, slobbers, and rubs her face against the phone.

I’ll sip to a happy ending, a new adventure, and the three remaining felines with active contracts.

And wish things equally good for you.  [Final sip]

Old Jules

21 responses to “Humpty Dumptytime

  1. Well, the RTR will start in a few days, some arriving tomorrow. There are four of us at the location tonight and 2 of them are sick. It’s windy and cold… I doubt there will be any celebrating in camp tonight, and no sipping in my van unless the hot tomato soup counts. Tomorrow another camper is making black-eyed peas and ham hocks and I am making rice in the solar over (first time). I think the entertainment for us tomorrow will be to sit and watch the other RTRers arrive. That’s my plan and I may or may not stick to it. Happy New Year everyone (this sure beats the one two years ago when I learned my ex had just died from brain cancer)… and it was a Blue Moon too. I’ll all for having more fun this year.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR Jules!! Hope your 2013 is fantastic!!!

  3. Many, many happy returns! Happy New Year!

  4. Take a swig for me to celebrate the New Year.

  5. Ah, that’s something to think about… keeping an open bottle of whiskey for more than ten years… I’ve hear about such phenomena, but never seen it with my own eyes… Have a beautiful new year, with pleasurable adventures, and meeting people who have interesting stories to tell.

  6. Happy endings combined with new adventures are the best, Happy New Year!

  7. Always a pleasure to receive posts from Old Jules. May the “coincidence coordinators” bestow continued words of wisdom upon thee in 2013…

  8. Happy new year and happy travels!

  9. Good to hear from you Jules. Sending wishes to you and the cat family for the best for 2013. Glad you are in somewhere safe for year’s end.

  10. I have put it all behind me, now about that wee dram then!.. c

  11. glad Shiva is loved, warm, wanted, indoors, hydrated and food too. One can’t be mean to a kitteh is my way of thinking.10 years with a bottle of Jack Daniels you have good self control. Happy 2013!!!!!!!

  12. Happy New Year! Two weeks late! I have never left a comment on a WordPress blog… so… this is my way to check it out… and to touch base with you. Saved you email addy also.

  13. Glad you weren’t thinking of wasting what was left. That’d be a poor way to start a good new year.

  14. Long time since you have made an entry. Have you terminated this blog?

    • Tom, thanks for checking. The blog’s not terminated, but is here for whenever Old Jules has the time and inclination to get back to it. I’d suggest signing up for email notifications if you’re interested in receiving an alert when there’s a new post. ~Jeanne (Admin).

  15. where old jules go???? he is missed by many.

    • He’s working on other projects at the moment… writing, and blogging in particular, go in cycles for him, so we just have to wait until it’s our turn again. He’s also getting ready to move, which is time-consuming. Thanks for asking!

      • Hi Jeanne,
        I’m happy to read that we may hear from him again.
        Moving is a chore. I always wonder where the accumulation of stuff comes from.
        Best wishes to you both.

  16. I just want to say, I hope Jules is well and his life an ongoing adventure… I hope he will let us know how he’s doing. His brand of humor and insight are missed…

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