Juggling the Possibilities

I finished off most of this bottle of Jack Daniels on December 31, 1999, while I was sitting around listening on the short wave radio to Y2K not happening, first in New Zealand, then Australia, then places further west until it got to me, where it happened well enough to make up for those other places it didn’t.

But as you can see, there was some left in the bottle when Y2K got to me.  I resolved to hold it back until something else happened.  I’ve had it sitting over there on the microwave collecting dust for several years, threatening to celebrate various New Year and Thanksgivings and I-don’t-know-whatalls.  I’d had it in the back of my mind lately I’d do my 70th birthday with it, then slid the clock backward and thought maybe my 69th here in a few days.

But it’s colder than a bear’s butt in this cabin this morning.  I’ve got water heating in the microwave half-gallon at a time to pour over my head for a warm shower before I have to walk up to Gale’s to see if Little Red’s available for a necessaries run to Kerrville.  Got to thinking a hot toddie might just warm things up enough to stop some of this shivering I’m doing before I pour that water over my head.

That Y2K whiskey just mightn’t survive another hour.

On the other hand, it might be nice to have it for when I turn 75.

Old Jules

14 responses to “Juggling the Possibilities

  1. Why put off until tomorrow what you can indulge in today :-)… although I have to admit I do admire your resolve…. and can also see you enjoying it on your 75th… Bottoms up!!

    • Morning mysticreflections. The Jack survived. The shower was bracing enough without it. So maybe the 69th will snag the amber. Thanks for the visit. Jules

      • That’s good, it looks comfortable somehow up there on the shelf. You would probably miss it anyway. I’ll look forward to the blog on your 69th and be sure to wish you a Happy Birthday 🙂

        • mysticreflections: Thanks for the thoughts, but I’d be obliged if we pass on the happy birthday wishes. General good wishes mutually works fine for me, and I do. But I do have a post prepared for the 69th I think you might find edifying. Gracias Jules

  2. I got a half gallon of that wonderful elixir for my 35th BD, in the special engraved decanter. Managed to save it till my 40th. It had aged wonderfully and I shared it with about 40 friends a jigger at a time. I replaced it with another and saved it for my 50th, it was just as smooth.
    Since then there is about 1/2 of a fifth sitting in the dark, just aging gracefully till I get up the nerve to try it again.

  3. Jules, I look forward to it.. I’m finding that I quite enjoy your musings and am happy to have found your blog.

  4. Hej Jules! That’s ciao in swedish. Wich it Is just about as to say I am happy too to be here with u and read!
    Take care!

  5. They make more! Cheers 😀

  6. Hi CL Sostarich. Thanks for the read. Yeah, they make more but there’s no point in me buying any so long as there’s still some in that bottle. And if I did buy more I’d be obliged to finish it off before I died, which I’m not sure I would be able to do. I try not to leave any loose ends. Gracias, Jules

  7. You’ve learned your life lessons well, my friend, you’ve learned them well! I’ve got a 21 year old bottle in my cupboard…half gone…and on that day I’m to take my last breath, I’d enjoy taking a look at that half-filled bottle…and die with a smile on my face. Thanks for your wisdom, Jules.

    • revdanyel: I’ve learned a few and still have plenty left to learn. Haven’t yet figured out whether that bottle will last my 69th, but if it does I’m not going to speculate about the 70th. I hope you a smile on your face every day between now and when you have that last look at the devil rum or whatever it is. Gracias, Jules

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