The redeeming virtues of right wing death squads

An open letter to President Wossname, the guy in the White House

Backward South American countries gave right-wing death squads a bad name during the last half of the 20th Century. Naturally nobody wanted to be identified with anything backward Mexicans in Chile or Argentina did, so for a while the United States People In Power tried to find lower profile alternatives to accomplish the same goals.

But the truth is that throwing the baby out with the bathwater just narrows the options more than is required.

Henry Ford, the US mining industry, the US lumber industry, and during the Vietnam War, the US government all used right-wing death squads for the greater good of all. The industries would have had a lot more difficulties busting the unions if it hadn’t been for right-wing death squads. The US government couldn’t have killed off all the Black Panthers without them. The Vietnam War protests would have gone on and on ad infinitum if the Ohio National Guard’s right-wing death squad hadn’t opened up on those students at Ohio State and showed them what-for.

Bill Clinton and Janet Reno ran up a trial balloon at Waco, then again at Ruby Ridge in an attempt to restore the usefulness of right-wing death squads, clean up the image. But for reasons not fully understood, the practice was then dropped.

Hopefully this guy in there now will examine the benefits the US has reaped in the past through the use of right-wing death squads and see it’s time to bring it back for the greater good of all.

Right wing death squads aren’t a solution to every problem, as Bill and Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno demonstrated. But that only means they didn’t use the right tool for the right job.

Right-wing death squads worked admirably for Henry Ford and the mining and lumber industries. They worked great in South America, despite the bad press. And history proves they can work well again in the United States if properly applied.

Yours truly,

Old Jules

9 responses to “The redeeming virtues of right wing death squads

  1. If your only tool is a hammer, every job looks like it requires nails.

  2. The cynical truth…


    In a civilized world there must be rules to protect common people from their regime when it suppresses dissent violently and disproportionately to civil disobedience.
    Hitting key military installation active in the relentless bloodshed against civilians and degrading the regime ability to suppress civilians forcing it to negotiate honestly with the dissenters is the best possible approach to divert events toward resolution.
    Anything less is a backpedaling.

    The Assad regime between father and son has ruled Syria with an iron fist for fifty years. The latter killing over 100,000 mostly innocent civilians in the past two years and created over a million refugees. Totally unacceptable under any moral an ethical sets of rules unless one is a member of a canibalistic society.

    • Leanpower: The values on your weaponry company stocks went up the past couple of weeks and you’re safe here on US soil. Naturally you’d be in favor of selectively humanitarian concerns. Fits right in with everything else about you. Thanks for coming by. J

    • So you are suggesting/implying we take out the Bush family regime, Wisconsin’s Capital Police, any locale’s SWAT teams, Congress, the Supremes, Monsanto/Blackwater/Halliburton/KBR et all and the PNAC-AIPAC cabal with cruise missiles? Sounds like a plan!

  4. Just a small correction! During Vietnam times, the shootings by the National Guard were at Kent State in Ohio, not Ohio State. That from a lady from Ohio!

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