From the WTF News desk

If this were Israeli parents, or Palestinian parents it would make sense. However, there must be some mistake. Even though the Uzi is an Israeli toy, the Bullets and Burgers joint is almost certainly inside the boundaries of the US. And the guy who got shot wasn’t either an Israeli, which would be understandable, nor a Palestinian, which would make a certain amount of sense. What the hell. A guy’s going to get shot if he’s got the right daughter and the right hardware, along with a stroke of bad timing. Imagine if she’d hit some innocent bystander, eh? Now that would be justifiable homicide, anyone getting down range of those two probable anti-Semites. J

Nocturnal Admissions

here we go again:

“Instructor killed when he’s accidentally shot with Uzi
by 9-year-old girl”

Let me run that by you again:

“Instructor killed
when he’s accidentally shot
with Uzi
by 9-year-old girl”

Happened at a place called “Bullets and Burgers“.
All they need to do is add “… and Face Painting” and it would be the perfect place to book a nine-year-old girl’s birthday party.
Could use balloon animals as targets.
Be prepared in case a bunch of squirrels start charging her house.
Or bad guys in black helicopters come to take away Mommy and Daddy’s antique Colt .22  single action pistol.

We’re dealing with two tragedies here, and that’s before we consider the victim’s family:

there’s an obvious one in a young girl who could still be a Brownie having to live the rest of her tainted life with the thoughts, the visions, the memories and the horror of a…

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3 responses to “From the WTF News desk

  1. “From the WTF Desk” in my inbox, I couldn’t pass it up. Thanks a lot, Jack you made me laugh (as wrong as I may be for laughing, I can live with it) and you made a day that has been a flipping shitstorm a LOT better!

  2. Oh my God, my brothers and sisters…
    the spin doctors done kicked it into overdrive:

    The body isn’t even cold yet, you impotent bastards.

    • Morning Orphan. Letting a shooting range accidental death go to waste would be wasteful. There’s a bias in favor of the American Way and making the most of every event. That’s what makes this country great. Is it not written that sparing the rod, or gat, or shooting iron, will spoil the chile? Thanks for coming by. I haven’t said I was impotent. Gracias, Jack

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