That way lies madness: Sandy Hook conspiracy hoax

Theater shooter actors linked to Sandy hook actors- Exposed As a Fraud

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I first encountered crisis actors as a concept back in New Mexico in Emergency Management.  When we, or local governments would perform disaster exercises there’d always have to be victims, people to pretend to be crying bystanders, whatever.  Volunteers, mostly.

But we program managers with Emergency Management Planning and Coordination Bureau [EMPAC] attended a lot of conferences and watched a lot of disaster films.  And we often joked that the crying victims of hurricanes, tornado victims in front of destroyed trailer houses in the midwest, and earthquake victims in California all appeared to be the same people.  When we’d view the films one-right-after-another I swear they were identical!

I hadn’t thought about that in a long time.  But then I stumbled across a series of YouTube videos about Sandy Hook, about which I knew only fragments, and discovered there’s a host of people who believe the massacre in that school was a hoax.  And furthermore, they construct logical arguments based on apparently sound evidence.

After watching some of the videos it’s clear crisis actors and their use has become a lot more sophisticated and manipulative.  And that, by doing so, [provided it’s not actually a hoax] they play directly into the hands of those who build the case supporting the hoax suppositions.

The problem with anything as pervasive as this is:  it leaves nothing intact.  Once a person accepts the premise a conspiracy of this size could exist, anything is possible, everything is quicksand.

What’s disturbing, or would be disturbing if I gave a damn, is the fact nobody’s bothering to answer the questions the hoax-believers are asking.  The claims they are making should be easy enough, incredibly simple to disprove.

I’m not referring to blanket-scoffing, ad hominin disclaimers.  The thing’s gone far enough so’s, “You must be crazy!” or “What have you been smoking?” aren’t sufficient.  Brushing aside legitimate holes in the official version of the story only lends itself to more conviction on the side of those teetering near belief.

Which lends strength to my kung fu approach to the puzzle:  I don’t give a damn.  I don’t dare give a damn.  And if I did dare give a damn I’d have to question my sanity.

Old Jules


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8 responses to “That way lies madness: Sandy Hook conspiracy hoax

  1. None of your pictures show up. In fact, they haven’t been showing up for a few posts. Have no idea why I can’t view them. Have no trouble with the other blogs I visit. Just saying, so you know.

  2. They’re showing up here… WP does have issues, maybe you can find something about it on their forums. Or are others having trouble also? Let us know.

  3. I had been using IE (Internet Explorer) which didn’t work. I just switched over to Google Chrome and everything came up using Chrome. The problem was on my end, as usual.

  4. its not possible to answer all the questions/anomalies surrounding sandy hook. the problems with the story are many, and real. to start, the story begins w/ a 112lb, 6′ tall 20 y.o. w/ asp. syndrome killing his mom, stealing her guns, and then driving somebody’s car(?) to s.h. school, where the school doors auto-lock at 0930. at about 0935 he blasts (using a 223 cal rifle) his way past security cameras (newly installed) and past security glass. he did all this while carrying about 1/3 his wt. in guns/ammo/gear. he then proceeded to shoot like a highly seasoned pro and killed all 20 children he shot at with none wounded, while wearing a mask no less. when confronted he kills himself using a heavy 10mm s.a. pistol. when they finally arrived on the scene, the police declared everybody dead w/in the 1st few minutes, and not needing emergency care (no helicopters/ no ambulances) for about an hour, w/o the aid of a doctor as prescribed by law.

    I could go into the problems w/ the school that you didn’t cover, from the parking lot (no a.d.a. parking requirements) to the filthy interior of the school (what wasn’t redacted). don’t forget to mention the school had every type contamination known to old schools (asbestos, lead, pcb’s). also shown in the police photo’s were storage boxes piled 6-8′ high in almost every room.

    parents not allowed to ever see their dead children again?

    the school was immediately locked down and subsequently torn down. the const./demo workers were required to sign non-disclosure agreements. I could go on and on w/ the problems in this school.

    the final clue is the one going on daily. there have been no law suits filed by the grieving parents that I am aware of to date.

    what country did this happen in again? sounds like the old soviet union.

  5. I believe nothing unless I see it with my own eyes, and then I’m not sure. I don’t believe anything our government tells us …for sure!

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