Time Traveler President of the US in 2016

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a reead.

I began watching this stuff a couple of days ago when I experienced a setback in my physical situation and couldn’t do my daily exercize routines without undoing a lot else.  So to pass the time I began browsing through the YouTube pantheon of weirdness.

Interestingly, Andrew Basiago’s arrived amidst a forest of familiar trees.  He says the was trained for the Pegasus Project by Ed Danes, whom I’d read because of flirting with remote viewing a decade or more ago.  And Pegasus mightn’t have been headquartered at Socorro, New Mexico, where I lived from 1995 until 1999, but it had a presence there.  Back when during the late 1990s Mel King and I were attempting to build a time machine, reading about Montauk and anything else we could find about time travel.  Pegasus came up a fair amount.

I hadn’t thought about any of that for what?  Decades?  At least a good many years.  So I was surprised to find myself listening to this guy and watching videos of him talking about some ground I once covered as thoroughly as I felt able.

He says Ed Danes told him back in the 1970s he was going to be President, though maybe not immediately following his fellow Pegasus member, the guy in the White House now.  [Who was also told by Ed Danes at that same time, he would serve as President.  The White House guy now, we’re told, was also a Pegasus operative.]

So, while I don’t vote, couldn’t care less who sits in the White House, and probably won’t live to see who wins the next Presidential election anyway, I find the entire subject interesting enough to occupy a few minutes of my diminishing sand from the top of the hourglass.

Good for some smiles and knowing I ain’t going to vote anyway it’s good to know there’s a candidate at least as unlikely as my own life has been.  He carries a heavy advantage in my view by not being Democrat, nor Republican, nor Independent.  That offsets almost anything else he isn’t.  Including sane, if he happens not to be.

And if, as he asserts, the guy in the White House now has traveled in time and has visited our colony on Mars, hell, it might explain a lot.

Somewhat mildly exciting in an abstract sort of way.

Old Jules

3 responses to “Time Traveler President of the US in 2016

  1. Jack,
    I am sorry to hear that your health is suffering. I certainly hope that things get better and that you have a longer than expected expected end. I don’t like to think of this planet without you.

    I don’t know what to make of all this talk about Time travel, as I said the other day, I think the angels can do it. And since were not exactly in that category yet, it may be a little problematical. Ed Dames may have gotten a peek at the future with remote viewing, but I detected an error in one of the guys books. One fellows name is/was Targ
    and the more we’ll known one has escaped from my memory. , On Amazon, Joseph McMoneagle that rings a bell.

    Did you think you were? Dr. Emmett Brown? McFly is still a slacker by the way!

    The only time travel that I want to do is on the final trip from death to eternal life.Jesus told the thief dying beside Him, when the man said, “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” And The Lord Jesus said, “Truly, truly I say to you, today shall you be with me in paradise.”

    That’s the one I want. Hope we don’t have to die like that these days to get it. But I think we got company coming. Hope I’m wrong. I have family that could be moving into harms way in the next few weeks. I hope all will be well and uneventful.

    I hope you get your strength back. I will pray for you and ask the church to pray for you. I told you He or His healing angel visited me with a real healing a few months back. I felt His hand touch my back and tremendous energy flow through my ailing legs. Ask Him for help. You maybe surprised how close He is and how ready to meet your needs. “For whoever calls on the name of The Lord shall be saved.” Hold on to that at and before the end. He has always been here for me even, when I had turned my back. The way back was a bit rough because of my stupidity. But He never gave up. He is the greatest and most faithful friend. But my guardian angel must have his hands full. I wish we could talk together but I don’t think that is allowed in the fine print

    Until then,

    Chuck Cunningham
    -aka Chicken Little***
    Over and out

    *** Don’t look now just might be falling!!

  2. Jack,

    Did you write the books that are listed on your site? For example: did you write the “Survival Book” ?


    • Hi Chuck. Yep. If you open it to the introduction or preface it will explain. I wrote the first version when I was writing the Adams book at the behest of the NM State Search and Rescue guru. Later I rewrote it and lengthened it for a publisher in Coloroado, but once I’d done all the expanding and rewriting we failed to agree on an advance amount and royalties. So I published it here for anyone who wants it. Gracias, J

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