Jack wrote this in December, 2005:

Morning blogsters:

I just read Tiger Angel’s blog about the battle with the molar.  Whew.  Makes me feel lucky to be me this morning.  It ought to make you lucky to be you if you don’t happen to be Tiger Angel and can’t be me.

TA didn’t get that tooth out last night so far as I could tell by the time the Ibuprofen kicked in and souped up with the wine.  So it sounds as though there’ll be another session with the needle nosed pliars before this full moon goes down.

Speaking of which, that old moon’s looking good.  Pause and take a look at it as you go off where ever you’re going.

The full moon’s precisely the time when you’re supposed to pull teeth and cut hair, if I remember my Farmer’s Almanac admonishments correctly.  Hmmmmm.  On the other hand, maybe it’s the other way around.  Maybe the full moon is absolooooooootle the time you’re not supposed to take out a tooth or cut hair.  Too early in the morning to try to sort it out.

Anyway, you blogsters who aren’t Tiger Angel, you pause a moment to look at that full moon.  Think about Tiger Angel and be grateful it ain’t you trying to take out a pesky molar.  And think some good thoughts for TA, thoughts of that molar popping right out easy and painless this morning, leaving whatever’s the antithesis of a dry socket.

Have a great one,


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