I’ll call your Bronze Star and raise a DSC

Jack wrote this in December, 2005:

This is getting hilarious.

Got some member of Congress wearing his Bronze Star, some ex-sergeant from NY with a DSC and nominated for some higher decorations saying, “I got more medals than you, so I know more.  I ain’t been elected to anything, but I been nominated for a Medal of Honor.  You don’t know jack.  I know lotsa stuff.”


Where’s my Good Conduck Medal?  Ahhh.  I remember now.  I didn’t get one because of that incident down in the village.

Here’s a war on a slippery slope, folks.  Public opinion polls show support for the prez and the war are declining steadily.  Those opportunists in both parties are going to listen to those polls.  They’re both wanting to have some seats in Congress and maybe a prez elected next time around.

Ain’t going to help to hook a microphone into the grave of Audie Murphy to ask what he thinks, despite all his decorations.  Ain’t going to help to trot out your Hectors and Ajaxes to spout your line and parrot the opinions you fed him.  All his Charlie McCarthying ain’t going to win no votes.

Those polls are speaking and the smart money’s on the politicians who are listening.


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