Catatonic Doggerel

Explanatory note:  I used to spend a lot of time on the Zuni Rez with a lady-friend who was school librarian there for 20+ years.  The animals described and named here were all hers.  I post this as a hat-tipping to Ernie, Princess, Spot, Boy Toy and the rest.

A schoolmarmish lady in Zuni
had canines subversive and loony;
her communist felines
made neighborhood beelines
with doctrines both outworn and puny.

The KGB cat was a lean
and speckled-nosed beauty serene
appearance alone
for her countenance shown
multi-faceted plots as she preened.

Her Weathercat history was tops.
She’d sprayed on dozens of cops
with a Commie aroma
ere she joined  Sertoma
cavorting with phonies and fops.

The ringleader hound was a red
and curly haired rascal it’s said
whose Trotskyish leanings
and Maoish gleanings
were pondered curled up on the bed.

Princess Redfeather, they tells
of this curly red bitch of the cells,
forsook her fine lineage
to sip of the vintage
of Lenin, and Gulags and hells.

The worst of the felines, Bearboy:
striped and cross-eyed and coy;
Politically weak,
but claws that could tweak
bourgeoise carpet, and bedspread, with joy.

The Uncle-Tom dog of the hut
was Ernie, the gray-bearded mutt;
dog-tired, and dogmatic,
he thought, ”Problematic:
dog-eared dialectic and glut.”

A calico hound lying dormant,
most likely a police informant:
a capitalist clown
took his food lying down
resisting the commie allurement.

The Uncle-Tom dog she called Ernie
began as a dog-pound attorney
commuted from gassing
he pondered in passing
discretion’s demands for a journey.

The Stalinish kittenish spies
spread foment and torment and lies
to the Indian curs
and mutts that were hers
and war-gods high up on the rise.

Princess and Ernie and, Spot,
and Chester , the narc-dog; the lot:
for half a piaster
would bring the disaster
to Zuni, once called. Camelot.

Old Jules
Copyright 2004, NineLives Press

The Communist Internationale (Original, with English Lyrics)

Gloria Jean’s CATS – “You Better Come Home” – CAT SONG

5 responses to “Catatonic Doggerel

  1. Catatonic doggerel. The title alone is worth the price of admission. I love every line of this, but my favorite has to be, “Her Weathercat history was tops. She sprayed on dozens of cops…”

    Jules, pure genius. Seriously. This is sooo good. And to top it off with the Communist Internationale, one great video, and then the cat song with some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a good long while…

    I was just saying to someone else that I needed to laugh more. Thanks for this. What an outstanding way to start the day.

    Fidel and Kruschev in a , dare I say it, bear hug, well, it doesn’t get much better.

    “I made you a cookie, but I eated it.”

  2. Workers of the world unite.

  3. Hi TE: Thanks a bunch, again.

    Linda: No workers of the world to unite when everyone’s out of work. Thankee for coming around and reading my scribblings.

  4. Unemployed of the world unite!

  5. Hi Linda. Interesting twist on it. The problem I see with it, with the whole issue of unity about almost anything is the company it puts you into. Bummer.

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