Amazing Synopsis

Have you ever considered how much time, energy, money and lousy grades could be avoided if world history could be summarized for the kiddos into videos lasting a few minutes?  For instance, consider the European conquests of Africa, the American continents, and India.  The chillerns spend all kinds of time having to memorize the nigglingest details and names the teachers can’t even pronounce.  Pizzzzarrro.  Montezooooma.  Courtessss.   Geroneeemo.  Krazyhorse.  Not to mention the even worse ones in Africa and India.

But the hilarious fact is that all that isn’t needed.  All those books didn’t need to be printed.  All those names and dates didn’t need to be memorized to understand the basics of the European conquests of more-primitive geography.

Here it is.  The incredible 4 minute 56 second summary of the European conquest of Africa, the Americas and India:

If the video doesn’t play the link below should work:

Those kids can now go back to playing on the computers with a total understanding of the history of their ancestors.

I’m going to search around to try finding some more good summaries of other hard-to-remember history.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Amazing Synopsis

  1. The video isn’t working and I’m not sure the comment thing is either on this post.

  2. Thanks Teresa Evangeline. I’m trying to figure out why and get it corrected. The link on the post shows an error, but at YouTube it plays from here:
    Zulu – Final Attack

    I appreciate you calling it to my attention

  3. I recently had a reader tell me that history would be better taught just using picture books, and I agreed. This amps it up a bit for today’s children and their need for something more zoomy. Every picture tells a story and without agendas and motives. A person can feel for themselves without any direction. I think there might be a pun or two in there.

    Great idea. Now, on today’s posts.

  4. Hi TE: I think there might be a pun or two in there too. Thanks for the visit and remarks. Gracias, J

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