It’s No Wonder He’s So Temperamental

He thinks he’s big, but he’s got no substance.  Old Sol’s nothing but a lot of helium and hydrogen.  Sure, okay.  A couple of percentage points of other elements thrown in to give the illusion of diversity.   Big freaking deal.

Sheeze, look at him all held together by belts of interlocking magnetic fields without even  suspenders to hold them up.  Can’t even maintain magnetic polarity more than ten years or so.   Long-term goals?  Forget it.

Old Sol’s all bluster and hot air.  Got everyone convinced he’s a big deal, but he ain’t, as such things go.  Almost any self-respecting planet has more substance in its little finger than Old Sol has on his best day, which only happens when something big hits him.

Oh yeah.  He talks the talk all right.  But can he walk the walk on average, day-to-day stuff like maintaining his magnetic polarity?  Sure, he’s got plenty of education but does he have any common sense?

He’s got a lot of people fooled, but not me.

Old Jules

Carly Simon – You’re So Vain (with lyrics)

6 responses to “It’s No Wonder He’s So Temperamental

  1. Don’t know bout the sun, but you picked not only my favorite singer but my favorite song by her.. Carly Simon – You’re So Vain

  2. sending a pair of suspenders to ole’ Sol
    I for one, await the sun’s morning shine
    and while I wait
    I read, So Far from Heaven

    • Hi zendictive. I’m obliged to you. If I could share a cup of coffee with you while we wait to see the bluster I’d do it in a flash. Those suspenders might just keep things together well enough so’s his pants don’t fall down in the celestial parking lot. Gracias, Jules

  3. It’s funny you picked that song. I have a sort of history with it. In the late 80’s, my buddy, Bobby Keys, found himself back in our hometown of Lubbock. Your So Vain came on the radio and Bobby remarked that he and Mick Jagger played on it. I said “Sure Bobby”. He said “Get out the album” Sure enough, Bobby Keys and Mick Jagger courtesy of London Records. I never doubted him again.

    • Hi Michael ultra: Haven’t seen much going on insofar as the house sale etc on your blog. Hope you snags a buyer soonest. Hadn’t heard the Bobby Keys thing. Gracias, Jules

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