You made it.

You made it.

No monsters, no drug-crazed uglies, no cancer from second-hand smoke, no cops kicking down the door with guns drawn interrupted your sleep-path to set you loose from this reality.

It’s another day, and all those things you feared haven’t robbed you of getting to plod through it as best you can.

There’s something to be learned from that.

All that worrying and fretting you were doing yesterday, being scared of germs, or bosses, or cars running over you, or terrorists from somewhere else in this madhouse crawling up on the beaches of America with butcher-knives clenched in their teeth didn’t come in and set off a bomb to destroy you, didn’t poison your water because they’re jealous of the perfect existence you have.

The economy didn’t collapse during the night, dissolving the value of that plastic card with the strip on back telling whether you like cream in your coffee and other essentials about you.

Chinamen didn’t quit working three shifts manufacturing toasters for your breakfast, hair-dryers so’s you don’t have to use a towel instead of wasting a megawatt, sneakers to keep your foots off the carpet, rubber monster toys to give the kids something to do while they eat their burgers.  Their factories are still cranking out US flags for you to wave, and rubber SUPPORT OUR TROOPS magnets you can put on your Japanese car.

They’re still believing the imagination of your plastic card means they’ll get something back for their labors eventually, so civilization’s still alive.

All’s well with the world. The things you worried over yesterday didn’t happen.


Ho hum.


You might conclude all that worry and fear you allowed to sneak into your life yesterday to influence your thoughts and choices was wasted.

No. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.

All that fear caused you to project negative energy and anger all around you.

It helped you make lousy choices to give you more challenges for this life and gave you a leg-up to just keep on doing exactly what you’ve been doing so’s you can keep on doing it while the back of your mind keeps whispering something’s going to go kerplunk.  It kept your antennae waving around listening to the airwaves for which monkey wrench is going to stop the flow of rubber monster toys, keep the commode from flushing, or raise the cost of whatever you’re putting up your nose.

But the sun’s up for a new day. Time to decide whether to repeat yesterday, or leave some of that fear behind and try something else.  Worrying about getting an ulcer over worrying about getting an ulcer’s not the answer.

Old Jules

Jesse Winchester– Defying Gravity

11 responses to “You made it.

  1. sun’s up, time for a new day….

    (~_~) Art~

    • Morning zendictive: Thanks for coming by. Here Old Sol ain’t made it up over those piles of dirt on the horizon blocking his view yet. You’ve got a head start and thereby an unfair advantage. Gracias, Jules

  2. Hi Jules
    “Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen.”
    But seriously, it’s good to come across a post that says it straight. I’m such a great worrier, if there isn’t something for me to worry about, I create something to worry about. I think that for a change, I’ll try your new day approach. Thank you for the great post.

    • Morning Amanda M: I appreciate you coming by for a read. I don’t want to demand you have a great day, but I hope you have whatever kind it is you want for yourself. Gracias, Jules

  3. Well, now I’m feeling better about my day.
    And you listed a whole new bunch of stuff for me to worry about.

  4. Just the kick-in-the-pants post I needed to go with my Monday morning coffee! LoL…I’m grateful your straight-shooting style, Tex!

    Peace, Love & Pomegranates

  5. There are only two things to worry about,
    Whether you sick or whether you’re well.
    If you’re well, you got nothing to worry about.

    If you’re sick, you only got two things to worry about.
    Whether you get better or Whether you die.

    If you get better you got nothing to worry about.
    If you die you only got two things to worry about.
    Whether you got to heaven or you go to Hell.

    If you go to Heaven you don’t have anything to worry about.
    If you go to hell, you’ll be so busy meeting and greeting all your ole friends you won’t have time to worry.
    So Why Worry?

  6. Now that’s a good read to get the day started! Thanks for sharing.

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