Unrequited Love – I Coveted This

I watched it sit in a vacant lot I frequently drove past in Kerrville for several years.  Occasionally I’d trip up the hill to it, walk around it, kick the amazingly good tires.

After I began scouting for a new, moveable dwelling I began going snake eyes when I got near it to keep my intentions from drawing the attention of the Coincidence Coordinators.  Sydney Baker is at the other end of town from the lot it was sitting in, so I assumed the Wing King was long defunct and this jewel was waiting for me to chase down the owner, make an offer, and take it away.

But today when I drove to that lot to get the license tag number so’s to try to contact the owner the bus was gone.  I figured someone had called a wrecker to haul it away because they were going to use the lot for something.  I puzzled over my next step toward finding it as I drove to Sydney Baker to see who occupied the address of the Wing King on the side of the bus.

Sheeze!  The Wing King was right there, still in business.  Okaaaay.  Got to prepare myself mentally for this.  I kept driving, furious thinking.  But a few blocks ahead in the parking lot of the strip center in front of Dollar Tree, there it was, parked parallel to the curb.

I walked around it, squatted down to see if it was dripping oil or coolant.  Nothing.  I pulled off my vest and slid under the engine.  Everything was pristine.  No grease, barely any dirt.

What the hell’s it doing sitting here?  Why did they move it?

Nothing for it but to drive back to the Wing King and talk to the owner.  Now.

I sat in the truck going snake eyes a couple of minutes to prepare, then went inside looking for someone who looked ownerish.  Two kids.

“Is the owner around?”

“No, he doesn’t work days.”

“I want to talk to someone about that bus down there parked by the curb across from the high school.”

“The water pump went out on it.  He’s waiting for the part.”  The kid thinks I’m someone in authority about to make trouble.  How the hell could he think that, looking at me?

“I want to talk to him about buying it.”

“He won’t sell it.  He got it for almost nothing, $1500, and it’s only got 10,000 miles on the engine.”  Thanks a lot kid.  I needed to hear that last part.

The other one, a girl chimes in.  “Yeah, and parked there with that sign on it reminds the high school kids we’re here!”

Ahhhh.  And Kerrville has a sign ordinance.  That bus parked there doesn’t violate it.

That’s a bus the cats and I will never live in.  But at least I found out about a place sells chicken wings.  Wonder if they’re any good.

Old Jules

C.W. McCall – Wolf Creek Pass – a song about a truckload of chickens.

20 responses to “Unrequited Love – I Coveted This

  1. aww, wolf creek pass, a treacherous
    snaking highway to heaven that
    descends to hell (~_~)

    • Hi zendictive. Thanks for coming by. I’ve never done Wolf Creek pass in a truck, but once hitching across Raton Pass when I was about 16, back before the Interstate was built, I got picked up by some guys in a tractor trailer hauling hay. The Wolf Creek song always reminds me of that. Thanks for the read. Jules

  2. Coincidence coordinators. Nice. What does it look like to go snake eyes? Inconspicuous, I bet.

    • Hi Good Luck Duck. Good seeing you. I’m not sure what it looks like from the outside. I’ve never seen me do it. All I know is how it feels in my head when I do it. Sort of going out of phase with reality, closing off a piece of the brain, tight focus, I suppose. The same general area of the mind as going invisible when a person doesn’t want to be noticed. Thanks for coming by. Gracias, Jules

  3. Well – just Damn! Sorry it didn’t work out!

  4. I shopped for old buses before I moved down here. Found some pretty unique ones, but I was always an hour late or a dollar short. I’d still buy one if the price was right and it was in decent shape.

  5. There ya go again – thinking about shit Jules. Hope your heart ain’t broke like a women can do after getting your hopes dashed. There are more good vehicles out there than good women. You’ll find another.

    Just went Over Wolf Creek this Monday. There are still intense fall colors happening.

    • Hi One Fly. Thanks for stopping in. Glad you’re settling in well in your new locale. Nope, my heart ain’t broke. It was just one of those things I slid into without noticing. Hang in there amigo. Jules

  6. I don’t have the audio hooked up on my desktop yet, but I love the visual of the video!

  7. I’ve gotten the wants for an over-sized van to travel around with and so I do understand the nature of covetousness. Perhaps it will be for sale soon and the CC’s are already working on your behalf.

    As for the video. It makes Wolf Creek Pass look almost innocuous. I know it is not, especially at night and in a blizzard. You’d think a person would only make that mistake once, but no, not me, twice. Took it a couple of times on clear days, too. It is a pretty drive under good conditions. My dad loved that “song,” and would often, during those years, get into full C.W. McCall mode. Thanks for the memories.

    • Hello Teresa Evangeline you sweet thang you. I’m obliged to see you. Can’t imagine that pass in a snowstorm, but I can imagine making similar hard-to-get-along-with mistakes. Glad you enjoyed the song. Gracias, Jules

  8. Old Jules…sometimes, we pass through life…sometimes, life passes us by…sometimes, we just need to let go!

    Your post is a great metaphor for the disappointments in life! Thanks…

    • Delmarva: Thanks for the visit. Ah well. A person’s going to live somewhere. This just seemed to be a possible. I have complete trust that a year from now I’ll be living somewhere if I haven’t died by then. Gracias, Jules

  9. You Were Born To Succeed

    It’s tough to be refused what you covet. I like to comfort myself with the thought that it wasn’t really meant for me and there’s a better one in my future. Then I focus on that until I really believe it. Sometimes it’s hard.

    • Born to Succeed: Yep. Ain’t a big deal, generally. It’s the letting it sliver into the mind as a possibility that gives the opportunity the opening to sliver back. Gracias, Jules

  10. There’s ALWAYS something better, more right, for you down the road. That scenario plays out over and over again in my life. Want something really bad, snatched away just as I can feel my fingers start to tighten around the coveted thing, hopes & dreams beat all to hell…..and then BAM! There it is. Something that makes the other thing look silly. And this time…..it is mine all mine. 🙂

    Well. That’s how it works mostly for me anyways. Good luck to you in your quest.

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