Discarded Jewelry

Ruidoso Steak-House
Glanced at her reflection
In the plate-glass window
New squash-blossom turquoise
Sassy Stetson
Patted 50ish blonde curls
And wished
They’d eaten at the casino
Where this didn’t happen
Wrinkled pretty nose
Don’t give him anything
He’ll just get drunk!” Stage whispered
To her Houston lady friend
As though he wasn’t there
She was right of course
Except the old man Mescalero
Was already drunk
He turned away
Then turned back and mumbled
Sing the Song of Life each day
Or when the time arrives you won’t know how
To sing the Song of Death.”

Old Jules


12 responses to “Discarded Jewelry

  1. What a good piece and the music vid is sublime. I like the haunting quality and the melancholy. The piece reminds me of a Raymond Carver short story. I like Ravi Shankar, the fantastic Sitar player but definitely will check out some more of this guy, thanks for posting.

    Just one quick point, did you know if you use two many tags then Google thinks you are a spam robot and sometimes blocks your post from their index, it would be a shame for your posts to be getting sabotaged by this faceless conglomerate.


  2. Jules, thank you for your beautiful contribution, music and poem.

  3. beautiful piece, thank you for sharing, as you know i love culture’s 🙂

  4. Jules, is that last bit your own work or an old native proverb?? It’s hauntingly beautiful and familiar, somehow:

    “Sing the Song of Life each day
    Or when the time arrives you won’t know how
    To sing the Song of Death.”

    Great piece, btw. Wanted to give the woman a piece of my mind 🙂

    • Hi Janece: Thanks for the visit. Interesting you should ask. I actually heard it from a Mescalero man I picked up hitch-hiking when I gave him a couple of cans of Dinty Moore stew instead of money. Gracias, Jules

  5. Hey Great post,
    I love this stuff. I’m really glad I found your site or you found mine. I’m hooked. I’m one of those romantic types that thinks of the Native American way of life as being as near to perfect as you can get. I’m sure a closer look would reveal more drawbacks than I’ve already thought of.
    Anyway; dreams are never dead as long as you keep dreaming so I’ve given myself permission to ignore reality
    Some music is capable of taking me to a peaceful place. Native American music can often do this.It somehow clears my mind and allows me to really relax.
    Also if you have ever listened to the Moslem Calls to Prayer they have that same ability. When I hear them I am transported in my mind to a high building on a hill overlooking an Arab cityand I am completely alone and I start to calm down immediately. Pretty Cool.

    • HI angryman. Thanks for coming by. I’ll confess things aren’t as the romantic mind portrays them on the Rez. But it’s a harmless fantasy. Ever listened to Gregorian Chants? I find them to be soothing, also. Fond of Beethoven’s 9th [choral] also for that. I appreciate you. Gracias, Jules

  6. Reminds me of years ago when I was with Rosemary and her friend Sage. A good Thyme was had by all. Stay of the path, compadre.

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