For Want of a Nail – Something Worth Knowing Chainsaw-wise

If you own a chainsaw and it has a primer plunger or bulb similar to the one above you might give some thought to keeping a spare around.

I’d barely started cutting when this one developed a crack and allowed air into the fuel line.  I shrugged, puzzled over possible ways to plug the air leak and decided it probably couldn’t be done because of the oil and gasoline.  So I asked Gale to pick one up for me in Kerrville the next day.

The place he went had a bag of these things of 87 different sizes.  It wasn’t enough to know the saw model and make.  No way of matching anything without the actual item to compare it to.  So a $5-or-less has now taken several days out of getting firewood cut and those dead oaks threatening buildings and roofs onto the ground.  Oak Wilt, Firewood and Sawmilling

There’s no wind today and I think if it weren’t for that piece of plastic I’d have both of those down and cut to firewood lengths by mid afternoon.  I’m going to pick up a spare when I get a replacement.  That saw’s got a lot of miles on it and it’s been a good one, but maybe it will figure it can’t die final-like until it wears out that extra primer plunger bulb.  Cheap insurance. 

And if the saw goes kerplunk and leaves me with one of those little hollow plastic bulbs on my hands I can probably rig a way to use it for something else if I live long enough.

One more bug on the windshield of life.

Old Jules


6 responses to “For Want of a Nail – Something Worth Knowing Chainsaw-wise

  1. I try not to throw away machines. The carburetors and primer bulbs and such are often time interchangeable, or can save a ton of money if you have to buy a replacement machine. Though I guess I should add I gave myself a heck of a headache putting an echo blower primer bulb on a stihl line trimmer… it looked like it was fitting lol. Listening to Guy Clark on youtube too btw. Glad you mentioned him.

    • Hi arifmvega: A person after my own heart, it seems. I don’t throw that stuff away, either. That must have been uplifting, anyway, retrofitting a Echo bulb onto a Stihl. Sometimes the good guys win. Gracias, Jules

  2. I need a bulb thingy for my little electric trimming saw to squirt oil on the chain, where did Gale find his at ? Maybe mine will be #83 in a bag full 😉

    • Hi Rich. Sounds like a plan. Maybe not the best plan, but a plan. I’d say if one works for the use you plan for it any of them will. I’m grateful you stopped by. Jules

  3. We’ve dealt with Oak Wilt for years – got any ideas about what’s killing cedars and junipers right now? If this keeps up, we’ll have to landscape with nothing but rock – I’m sure I got at least a million dollars worth of that. Is there a commodity market for limestone!

    • Morning June. The Junipers here seem to be attacked by something I saw and researched when I lived in Georgetown a few decades ago. I think it’s a viral disease called fire blight. It’s probably not something a person could deal with on a widespread basis, though there might be something for individual tree treatment by now. Gracias, Jules

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