The Tale of the Dreamsheep Mother and the Y2K War Gods

I’d planned for some while to write up the early-post-Y2K incident with the helicopters described below.  But Jeanne looked it up in her Y2K journal, read it to me over the phone, and convinced me in the interest of accuracy her version was the most appropriate.  The human mind twists and turns events and mine had worked on those helicopters enough to make the story I’d have written somewhat different from the one she recorded that day.

I’d have sworn I’d been teaching her sons how to use a survival mirror as described in the Survival Book, and that the instruction was the reason I had the mirror readily at hand to do what I did. 

I do recall vividly my increased heartbeat when they turned to fly 150 above the cabin.  I’ll defer to her record as to whether I then slunk into the trees.

From Jeanne’s y2k journal:
Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2000

A nice day all around. Jules came over fairly early, seemed at loose ends, and stayed til nearly 4 PM.  While the kids were finishing homework, he started messing around with some tools we had lying around and found a rock that reminded him of a dream sheep mother like the ones he’d bought before from the Zunis.

He spent all morning carving a dream sheep out of that rock and then decided we needed a cairn to put it on.  He and Michael and Andrew worked on that most of the day, adding flagstones for a bench to go all the way around it. The dream sheep sits on top like a shrine- I love it.  It took all day, he must have moved a ton of rock. Then he build me another bench to sit on for a view of the sunset. Glad he didn’t ask me to help. Michael helped willingly, Andrew less willingly,  but he still helped.

 After he declared it finished, Michael took off for a hike up the hill and Andrew and Julia were playing around behind the cabin.

We heard some helicopters before we saw them, it turned out to be two black military copters that were slowly flying right along the road that goes by our property.  Jules didn’t say anything but he got out his pocket mirror from his survival kit and started sort of surreptitiously flashing it at the helicopters.  I got real nervous and decided I should  probably walk off in the other direction, so I headed towards the cabin.

I wasn’t sure if they could see who was doing it since he was by some trees, but I wanted to be sure it was obviously NOT me.  Damned if those helicopters didn’t turn a 90 degree angle and fly straight over the cabin to get a closer look at us! But nothing happened, thank goodness. By then Jules had faded into the trees. A few minutes Michael came down the hill and said “Did you see THAT?”

After that Jules and the boys had a long conversation about building a catapult using a sucker rod from a windmill and some other stuff. Said they ought to be able to build one big enough to lob rocks the size of cantaloupes across the road.  They all seemed pretty excited about it.

Anyhow, the cairn is a great place to sit and drink hot chocolate and watch the sunrise. I think it’ll last forever, it’s really solid.

Picked up 25 eggs later when we went down to help him collect them.

Saturday, Feb. 13, 2000

This morning we were eating a late breakfast inside the cabin and talking about going  to gather eggs and suddenly there was this horrifying roar over the cabin which scared us all half to death- we rushed to the door and saw a pair of fighter jets that had just buzzed our cabin! I think  they were getting back at us for the mirror stuff a few days ago…too bad Jules wasn’t around to have heart failure with the rest of us, seeing that it was all because of him.  Of course we had to drive down to his cabin right away to tell him all about it.
Picked up 30 eggs while we were there.

Jeanne K.

8 responses to “The Tale of the Dreamsheep Mother and the Y2K War Gods

  1. You must take credit for a miracle….changing copters to jets w/mirrors. Wow!

    • Hi Dave. I take credit for nothing much. If the helicopters turned to jets I’m more inclined to attribute it to metamorphosis. Just a natural process, though Kafkaesque. Thanks for coming by. Jules

  2. the kingston trio… wow, now that takes me back. Growing up they were my Aunts favorite group, them and Peter, Paul and Mary…(~_~) loved the post~

    • Hi zendictive. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, the Kingston Trio probably ought to get a big piece of the credit for the brief re-emergence into popular music of the ‘folk’ genre. Some were so memorable they were forgotten quickly. ‘Adios Farewell’, ‘South Coast’ and ‘Seasons of the Sun’ come to mind. And Peter, Paul and Mary did a bangup job of followup. Gracias, Jules

  3. Love your stories Jules. I wouldnt blame you for the jets though. And the Kingston Trio is among my favorites. Good application for vinyl.

  4. Why would you put them in harms way with that mirror nonsense ? You’re way too old to do that crap to a young family. Protect them and quit with 13 year old “I told you so” shit. Damn, men can be so stupid.


    • Hi KateSheila. Guess I’m still a kid at heart and certainly one at-mind. I’ve always been a conspicuous risk-taker and I’m probably sometimes irresponsible by occasionally involving others in my compulsive lifetime habit of ignoring risks, though I was a decade younger at the time of this incident. But I was teaching those boys to do a lot more dangerous things than that at the time, teaching them to use chainsaws to cut firewood, trying to teach one of them to drive, teaching them a lot else a person might consider overly risky for boys that age.

      But I’ve never been wise. Flew a plane under a bridge once just for the pleasure of doing it.

      Yep, men and women can both be stupid. Harm’s way is a big place, plenty of room for all of us. Jules

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