Blacked Out – Another Enthusiastic Empty Meaningless Gesture

Morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

There was a long email in inbox this morning wanting me to join some protest by ‘blacking out’ this blog.  The idea is for me to go to the settings and do something or other to cause the blog to look different, which will result in my having somehow sent as message to someone in the US government  that I’m opposed to them doing something or other.  In this case, passing something or other limiting ‘freedom’ on the web.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m as much a proponent of empty meaningless gestures as the next person.  But I don’t want to go to a lot of trouble changing settings and possibly not being able to get them back the way they were before.

So, I’m going to take a more direct approach:



There.  If that doesn’t set them straight, nothing will.

Old Jules

49 responses to “Blacked Out – Another Enthusiastic Empty Meaningless Gesture

  1. That’s tellin’ ’em, Jules! They’ll be shaking in their boot now.(teehee!)

  2. LOL – much more succinct than my rant on the same topic! 😉

    • wonderingpilgrim: I don’t get succinct all that often. I’m thinking I might cultivate it if the soil’s not too packed down already to allow plowing. Gracias, Jules

  3. I have just presented you with an award on my site, Jules. Come over and have a look!(I pressed your article!)

  4. I’m 110 percent with you, Jules. And your sentiment pretty much applies any day of the week.

    • Hi Kevin. Glad you came by. If I watched what they’re doing every day I’d guess I’d have the sentiment every day. As it is I try to limit it to incoming rounds arriving by email. Gracias, Jules

  5. Amen! Lemmings, all of them.

  6. That’s telling them! I’m 100% behind you !

  7. Yeah! Me too…reminds me of my Dad. When we kids were growing up, from time to time he’d yell, “whatever you’re doing up there, STOP IT!” We still chuckle about that.

    • Hi Melissa: Maybe that approach would be better. Send them to their rooms and lock the doors behind them, cut off the phone service and Internet connections, and send them snail mail letters to be dropped through the mail slot: “Now we approve. Keep up the good work.” Gracias, Jules

  8. Love your approach. Simple and, most likely, just as effective.

  9. Shoot! I wish I’d said that. Well, if they don’t pass those laws, I might!

  10. You’re now on my Blog Roll!

  11. Well done Jules…be careful you don’t get a lot of men in black suits paying a visit. 🙂

  12. Your title says it all. Do people really believe The Powers That Be care one whit that we’ve blacked out our individual blogs? Or that we can’t navigate the internet as readily or easily as we normally do? Why should we diminish our lives in an attempt to make a point to people who could not possibly care? Do people honestly believe that any one of The Deciders are bothered by wikipedia being unavailable? Or that we can’t communicate with each other as we usually do? It’s just more crazy making bullshit.

    • Teresa Evangeline: Yeah, I expects I could have posted nothing but the title and made it more poetic. Likely it would have done exactly the same amount of good as what I did post, too. Guess I just got wordy, which I’m prone to do. Gracias, Jules

  13. OK you are funny, that made me laugh, and I am not even sure what this is all about but one thing i know for sure. they are not listening! Where is the money in it though. There must be a dollar at the root of it all.. c

  14. LOL they definitely got it!

  15. Maybe it’s (the blackout) aimed at all the low information voter fools/tools who believe that TPTB have a smidgen of caring for Humanity in their dessicated black souls…. and that their best interests are, of course, being looked after. Without this vital and rather large demographic there would be no TPTB. Maybe somebody will care when literally everything on the Internet is behind a governmental firewall or a private paywall and their ISP gets to pick and choose the content they get to see and how they will be allowed to respond to it, depending on the amount of freedom they can afford to buy on a monthly basis….maybe,most likely, it will just go WHOOSH over everyone’s head. Maybe It is the availability of such things that bothers the Deciders, they lust for the unavailability of them in the worst way. Or maybe, they would never stoop so low and it really is crazy bullshit…..then again maybe some other ego-tripping fools just thought it would be cool to shut stuff down and have everybody inconvenienced for 24 hours, you know, just because they could. We’ll see, eventually, just how it all plays out. Maybe. Peace & Light.

    • LMAO! Jules, hitting the nail on the head as usual. You can pretty much guarantee that that sentiment will apply, regardless of subject. I did black out my blog for the day – the settings are such that it automaticlly returns to normal after 12 hours. I’m sure the three people who visit my blog were distraught and horrified at the thought that one day they might never be able to see it at all. After all, I copied a picture of a ladybird: that might be an imprisonable offense in the US in a few days’ time.

      Rich: excellent words. I spend a lot of time online, so have been following this issue. I’m not in America, but I think the censoring and criminalizing of American citizens, and blocking their access to free information, affects us all. I could lose a whole swathe of Internet friends to this new law, and besides, it’s not a precedent other governments should see as being possible for them to enact.

      • Snailquake: I’m obliged you came by. If they who must be obeyed wish it to be so I reckons they’ll make it so. Somehow we once got by without the web, and if it comes to doing it again I doubt any of us will go off food. Just one of those truths we’ll have to learn to digest and make the best of, while being grateful to the ones who did it. Gracias, Jules

    • Morning Rich. Good seeing you. I’m not as good at making predictions as I used to be back when I couldn’t do it worth a tinkers damn. But I don’t recall anyone since President Johnson ever responding to my political advice, and he wasn’t direct about it. My dump Johnson ’68 bumper sticker motivated him to withdraw from the election, but he never admitted it. Gracias, Jules

  16. HAHaaa… hear hear!!!


    HAHA haaaaa…



    Can I quote you on that? Well said!!

  18. You are hilarious! Love your stories!

  19. That’ll get their attention. Actually, hardly anything will.

  20. The activism actually appears to have worked in this case. The bill was dropped today. Vive la révolution! 😉

  21. I understood it is only waiting for a future date to recycle it for reconsideration when maybe we are not as alert. Big Brother is not likely to give up on this one. Just sneak it through on the shirt tail of important legislation. Can’t remember when they really cared what we thought. Just if there is a great enough an outcry that they back up a step or two before proceeding again in a different and sneaker manor. They want total control. Free people are a danger to their doing what they want. Anyway, Jules, enjoy all this blog.

    • Ah, yes. Very true, Mary. And the bill itself seemed set towards making it harder for people to disagree with or protest the US government generally, or even stay aware of their activities. I really don’t want our own government seeing that go through and getting ideas of their own! This year’s London riots almost caused a clampdown on all online social networks here.

      Jules, I hope you don’t mind your blog entry turning into a political discussion. You did pick a hot topic, though!

    • Thanks Mary. I enjoy your visits and observations. Gracias, Jules

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