Penis Enlargement Software from Norton Symantic

Got an email I haven’t opened, presumably from Norton Symantic noting I haven’t plugged the modem into the E Dell Machine to test the 79 mb downloaded driver.

At least I assume it’s from Norton Symantic, though the whatchallit ‘from’ says it’s from Best-Penis and the subject line says, Max-Gentleman Enlargement Pills.  But I’m not fooled.  Norton Symantic was popping screens up on me all manner of ways yesterday creeping in with things intended to interrupt my focus and goals for eventually getting this E Dell Machine online.

Norton most likely suspects a degree of trepidation on my part and is poking sharp sticks in my eye suggesting I need to grow a set of whatchallits and go ahead and test it.  After which they’ll sell me some penis enlargement software to make it work, which they figure at the moment it ain’t going to do.


Old Jules


11 responses to “Penis Enlargement Software from Norton Symantic

  1. I get those penis enlargement e-mails all the time. I just want to know – who’s been peeking?
    By the way I consider you to be a genuine techno – mage and all round steely eyed rocket man. I am currently beaming positive thoughts in your general direction and hoping for a positive outcome in your heroic struggles.

    • Anonymous: Thanks for the visit. They’ve got spy cameras mounted on all the urinals in public restrooms in town so’s to know who’s vulnerable to being a potential customer. As for the rest, it just goes without saying. Gracias, Jules

  2. Yep, Norton will try to trick you like that (grin).

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  4. Old Jules…it is just too excitin’ to open my email these days! Sometimes, I get an email with the subject line sayin’, “Girls With Big Hearts”…I rush to open it, thinking it’s about those Miss America types that hope for World Peace, and what do you know? It’s naked girls with BIG…um, er, yup, yeah, ah-huh…HEARTS, alright!! I tell ya…it’s enough to give us old guys an organism right there in front of the computer monitor, with the whole internet watchin’ yer!!! Thanks for helpin’ to expose these monsters!!!

    • Delmarva Progressive: It’s turrable. Thanks for coming by to have it reaffirmed. Incidently, this is being typed on the E Dell Machine, spang online via a D400 external modem including driver. Gracias, Jules

    • Morning Heather. If that’s shorthand for saying you’ve had experience with this Norton Symantic software I’d be interested in knowing all about it. Not to say I’m likely to buy the software package, but I’m always interested in new technology. Thanks for coming by. Jules

  5. first thing I do when I get a new machine is delete the free Norton.I realize it doesn’t show up as spyware but………I install the latest free AVG and never have any problems. Keep internet explorer updated but seldom use it. Firefox suits me fine for a browser. Chrome and Opera are here too, but I am kind of used to firefox. Only thing I am more against is McAfee. Used to go around school, long, long ago and try out my little MBR virus on different anti-virus to see who was sleeping.

    the rat

    • Hi rat: I appreciate your visit. AVG’s cool. I used to re-subscribe to Norton every year, always liked their ‘systemworks’ back before they went into the business of hassling their customers to death and making the use of their software an annual purchasing event. I hear good things about firefox but never tried it. Gracias, Jules

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