UFO and Certainties About What Isn’t

Good morning readers.  I’m obliged you came by for a read.

We human beings love ourselves better for our certainties.  Most of us take particular satisfaction in sneering about the certainties of others when we’ve applied something we pretend is logic to prove theirs are invalid.  Pulls us up by the rhetorical bootstraps in a reality where being intelligent is considered a virtue almost as resounding as being ‘right’.

One of the areas of opinion that breaks down into sneers rapidly involves unidentified flying objects and whether creatures from somewhere else have visited this planet.  The ‘right’ side of the issue is they are fig-newtons of the imagination and declaring it to be so proves intelligence, level-headedness, education and superiority to those who believe otherwise.

The ‘wrong’, ‘stupid’, ‘irrational’, ‘illogical’ side is people who’ve experienced them.  Police, airline pilots, military pilots, lawyers, psychologists, physicians, and thousands of other people who might have been ‘right’ once, but were transported into the camp of ‘wrong’ by personal observation and experience.

A while back I posted about a visit I had with Kay’s aunt, Loretta. [An Afternoon with Aunt Loretta (Proctor)- Roswell, 1947] Loretta’s one of the folks still living who was close-enough to the Roswell UFO incident to have an opinion about it based on her own experiences and observations at the time.  I’ve got a lot of respect for the lady and value what she had to say, even though it’s just naturally ‘wrong’.

But I was backed into a corner of open-mindedness on the issue by a couple of experiences of my own.  One with a lot of other witnesses on California Avenue in Socorro, New Mexico.   The second was long-lasting and relatively close-up and personal.   Back during the Y2K time.


Pie Town’s located about 30 miles west of the Very Large Array [VLA] telescopes near Datil, New Mexico.  The village sits almost atop the Continental Divide, an isolated community in the middle of nowhere.

I was in the only telephone booth in Pie Town  around midnight. The town only has a couple-hundred people and there were no lights of any sort in town. Low overcast, 500 feet or less.

Whatever it was appeared above me below the overcast and stayed there while I told the person I was talking to on the phone what was happening.  It stayed maybe 10-15 minutes and gave me the willies badly enough, I got thinking I was the reason it was there.

I told the person I was talking to adios and went to the truck, took a .45 out from under the seat and racked in a round.  It moved a bit about then, not much but some, while I stood there pointing a pistol at it waiting in the dark. It moved a little more, seemed to descend — at least it got larger, and stopped again.

I decided to just get the hell out of there if I could. Cranked up the truck and drove about a quarter-mile and pulled off the highway to make sure it wasn’t following me. It sort of drifted or glided off to the north and vanished into the overcast.

The experience motivated me enough to try to find out whether objects of that particular description and configuration were common, because I’d never heard of one. I occasionally would research various UFO sighting archives on the web.

Years later I found that within a few days of my own sighting an object of almost identical description upset a lot of on-duty military personnel by behaving almost the same way at White Sands Missile Testing Range near Alamogordo, New Mexico, a couple of hundred miles SE from Pie Town. White Sands is an extremely high security area and they take it personally when something intrudes into the airspace over the place, more personally yet when it hangs around and isn’t scared.

There was [maybe still is] a squadron of F117s stationed at Alamogordo [Luftwaffe] at the time, and they scrambled. But the object removed itself before they arrived.

As for my own experience and the times involved — I’m having to best guess. The person I was describing it to on the telephone and I took a stab at it toward the end of our conversation before I decided to evacuate. But things seem longer and it mightn’t have been that long. Afterward, while I was standing there watching and pointing the .45 it’s anyone’s guess. Might have been as little as 5 minutes, seemed a lot longer.

Which is to say, I don’t know much about aliens and the things they fly around in, but I don’t put a lot of value on the speculations of people who know all about what they aren’t.   Even if they’re real smart and have a lot of school-housing.

Old Jules


32 responses to “UFO and Certainties About What Isn’t

  1. Seems a whole lot smarter to allow for things we don’t know about, than to insist we know what can’t be.

    • Hi Ed and good morning to you. The cool thing about our believings and repudiations, seems to me, is they probably don’t have much bearing on things. I don’t imagine I could have not-believed that thing out of existence. Gracias, Jules

  2. Yikes. What did it look like though? I think you are pretty lucky that it watched you. Maybe.. c

    • morning to you celima. The thing was big, but because it was backed by overcast sky and I was only guessing at the altitude I can’t make a good guess at how big. If it was just below the overcast, highest it could have been and still been visible to me, it was REALLY big. If it was lower it was a lot bigger than that.

      I’m not even absolutely it was a single object. The main feature was what appeared to be a lot of strobe-like lights blinking on and off in such a way as to give the impression of movement, as though it was ‘dancing’ back and forth in the sky jumping around, or possibly two separate objects doing it. The fact it was dark and the sky was dark behind it only left me with a vague thought at the time it was triangular and huge. Gracias, Jules

  3. it makes more since to me that rather than an object flies across the vastness of space that the UFO is really humans from the future that need our reproductive organs. (hince the abductions) if this in fact is true? it would explain why they select newer forms of humans rather than go back to get cave man body parts (grin)

    • Zendictive: Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know what they are, nor where they’re from. Nor even whehter they’re all the same thing or a lot of different things. Gracias, Jules

  4. Well Jules , I always say that this universe is just far to vast to assume that there is nothing else out there asides from us puny humans- but then again, personal experience will sometimes always place a little more sugar on top of that proof of pudding eh… Enjoyed reading that- thanks for sharing.

  5. I’ll send you email about my UFO experiences , But in the mean time. I’ve been in Pie Town and eaten at the little restaurant in town you mention. Isn’t the phone booth you mention just outside that place next to the parking lot?

    • Morning Ben. Nice seeing you this morning. Seems to me the booth’s located a hair east of the parking lot to the cafe, but my memory’s a bit dim on it. If I were telling it before you commented I’d have said it might be 50 or 100 yards east, on the same side of the highway, but with a vacant area rather than a building to the north, or maybe an area with junk cars or machinery in it. But I’m just fuzzy on the issue. Thanks for coming by. Jules

  6. Hi, Jules!
    I’ve been loving your blog, which I discovered through Artboy68. I’ve mostly been too lazy to give you the hits by reading from my inbox, but this one provOked me to make the effort 🙂
    I’m so glad you posted about this, because I’d sensed you were warming up to it, and it’s become a real topIc of interest to me lately. (As if my life hadn’t already gotten nutty enough… I pretty much spill my guts online, and no hate mail yet, so I guess “ain’t skeered” works after all!)
    I appreciate your insights, and will try to get to your post about your Aunt soon! Looking forward to more contact and stories… Leslee

  7. I love a good first hand story anytime! BTW Jules I believe you. I hope to spend a bit of time in the San Luis Valley starting soon. Things are seen there constantly. How scared were you or not?

    BTW-I was told we train some or all of the German Air Force at the air base just outside Alamogordo.

    • Morning One Fly: San Luis Valley’s awfully nice country. I worked on a ranch there for a while back when the world was young. Bet you’ll like it.

      I don’t recall being frightened so much as unsettled and tense, wondering first what I was seeing, expecting it to vanish. Then, as time passed and it didn’t, a building uncertainty and suspicion about what ‘it’ had in mind and what it was doing. At first I didn’t take it as personal, so much as a curiosity. But the growing ‘realization’ that I might be what it was watching, which became more so with the passage of minutes, hardened my determination that whatever it was going to do, if it involved me I was going to do whatever I could to prevent it. Even then there was no doubt in my mind it wasn’t man-made, though I don’t recall having an impression or opinion about whether it had living beings inside. But whether it was mechanical, or had something living in there, I had the distinct feeling gradually, of being watched and that the watcher was intelligent and aware.

      I don’t think I ever harbored the notion the .45 was going to stop it, nor deter it. But I had every intention of emptying the magazine at it if it tried anything threatening.

      Glad you visited. Gracias, Jules

  8. I believe they’re out there because if we’re the best then the universe is not living up to its potential.

    I’m not interested in meeting any of them, got my hands full with the beings I’m familiar with. I especially do not want to meet them when I’m by myself like you were.

  9. Very interesting topic! Have to believe in this vast universe, there has to be life of some kind somewhere else. Do think there is “space travel” throughout the universe, and we gain a lot of our discoveries and developments through encounters with these travelers. Always have a mind open to explore new ideas!

    • Morning gypsybev: I’m obliged for your visit. I’ve never been sure where these things might be coming from, or whether they’re all from the same place even. Maybe as zendictive suggests they’re out of the future, though I don’t know how they’d get here. But maybe life can develop in a lot more hostile environments than we generally suspect and they’re residents of one of the gas giants or moons, or maybe from parallel universes if those exist. Or maybe just from somewhere we don’t even know the concept of maybe existing. But they qualify as a phenomenon, anyway. Gracias, Jules

  10. Jules, my husband and I are definitely ‘wrong’ ones. 1967-8. About 45 minutes of watching a huge glowing object that moved so slowly it looked as if it was checking something out, and then it took off as if Capt. Janeway had said warp 6, Mr Paris. Maybe we should do a show and tell??? Thank, great reading.

    • Morning Kristin. Thanks for coming by this morning. I think show and tell would be fun if anyone has anything to show, particularly. Us ‘wrongees’ tend to have mostly the same story though. Gracias, Jules

  11. Actually I have witnessed a UFO and it was shaped like a sphere like the one pictured. The UFO I saw was near the Texas,Oklahoma border along the Red River, it was during the summertime and in broad daylight as I was driving from Oklahoma into Texas, I had seen a car pulled over and a woman standing at the back of her car I figured she probably needed help so I slowed down I then noticed something in her hand like a video camera and she had the camera pointed at about a 30 degree angle. I then looked to see what she was looking at and that is when I had seen the sphere and it seen me…
    Of course I was in shock as this UFO was hovering and just to the west of the bridge over the river bank. The UFO began to move slowly as I approached the bridge and slowed almost to a stop so I could see this amazing show. I began to see at the top of the craft different colors, suddenly my eyes had greater vision like looking into a magnifying glass, I noticed those different colors were rectangular strips and moving from the top to the sides and back again..

    I suddenly realized the bluff on the other side of the bridge was now a mountain with what appeared to be pine trees and red earth. The UFO then got closer to the bridge and almost directly in front of me and then there was a flash of beige light like a beam or ray, I believe it was aimed at me…I seen the orb rising and getting higher I then noticed the Jets over head and the shifting colors on top of the orb getting brighter as the jets appeared above as I was looking up and out of the driver side window…. I then tried to speed up with my foot to the gas pedal all the way to the floor and I was barely moving as though my car was being held back. I wanted to get closer to the orb but it was not possible….the orb then began to dart around in straight lines but in zig zag pattern and then shot into the sky westward.
    That bridge is less than a mile long and I should have crossed it within ten minutes or less instead It felt like I was there for half an hour or more. I had to travel across that bridge two weeks later.

    • Wayne: It would be nice to have a look at the pics she took. Maybe she ended up in the hospital because of the green light and couldn’t drive her car away. Gracias, Jules

  12. I was hoping to see that UFO again, but the landscape was completely different, no mountain, no pine trees or red earth just a bluff full of dead wood and prairie trees and brush.

    As I crossed the bridge going into Oklahoma crossing the Red River I noticed the same car where the woman who had been standing at the back of the car video taping the UFO event was still parked there on the side of the road covered with dust.

    I have always wondered if she was abducted since I never looked back at her once I had spotted the UFO and became fixated on it..

    I look forward to seeing that UFO again or one like it, though ever since that beam of light blasted me, my eyes are weak and I can’t see that far in the distance and even with eye glasses my vision is still weak and everything is a blur if it is beyond 100 yards. before that day I had perfect vision or better than perfect.
    I don’t know if UFO’s are from outer space or from earth, but is one amazing sight and experience when you do see one.

    • Hi Wayne and good morning to you. I’m just as glad the Pie Town one didn’t involve any lights other than the strobe-like ones except a flashlight I took into the phone booth to allow me to dial the phone and the headlights on the truck. I think I’d never have seen the thing nor known it was there if it hadn’t been for the strobes. Thanks for coming by for a read. Gracias, Jules

  13. Fascinating, intriguing, perplexing & downright frightening…

    • Morning Lindy Lee: Thanks for coming by. I agree completely with the first two, less so about the last. The thing never did anything threatening so I can’t say it qualified as being frightening. Unless just the fact of it being there is a cause for fright. But it being there, not announcing its intentions was intimidating. Gracias, Jules

  14. That was YOU waving that .45 around? Well, it IS a small planet. 😉

  15. Wow, to the post, and wow again for some of the comments. I’ve also seen something I couldn’t identify, but it wasn’t clear or dramatic, just a light that was, then wasn’t, then was waaay over there, somehow. In broad daylight, in the ever-famous UFO hotspot of the 90’s, Gulf Breeze, Florida. I wasn’t hunting them like so many, I was just at the beach… I’m much more impressed with your account. I wouldn’t ever presume to think of what these things could be, unidentifiable is good enough for me – until they are identified, of course. I doubt I’ll be involved in that part, though.

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