Yes, there was a deleted post…

Sorry for the confusion, especially those of you who get email notices for these  posts.

We deleted it because there was a problem uploading all the pictures that went with it, and it wasn’t making sense the way it showed up. Maybe when things speed up a bit on WordPress we can re-post.

Old Jules


5 responses to “Yes, there was a deleted post…

  1. I personally had no problems. Did you delete my comments also?

    • I believe the comments also deleted with the post, for which I’m sorry, but the fact is, there were supposed to be a dozen or so photos and they weren’t showing up.

    • Hi Wayne. I apologize for the deletion, which was entirely a consequence of my ignorance. But I was finding it impossible to get the photos uploaded and placed into the post because the dialup was misbehaving and everything was taking forever. If you look at what’s posted now you’ll find it has little in common with the original post except smatterings of text. Sincere regrets about your comments. Gracias, Jules

  2. Look forward to the re-post.

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