Blushes, Apologies and Corrections Regarding Loretta Proctor et al

About the post a longish whle back: 

An Afternoon with Aunt Loretta (Proctor)- Roswell, 1947 and UFO and Certainties About What Isn’t

I posted a whatchallit, vignette, I suppose, about a visit with Kay’s aunt [I thought], Loretta Proctor.  Evidently I made a lot of foolish errors, for which I apologize.  Here are a series of comments correcting my errors from Veda Proctor.

Hope this clears everything up sufficiently.  I lost track of most family relationships in my own life a long while back and probably don’t attach enough importance to the specifics where they apply to others, is the only excuse I can give.

Veda Proctor:

Jules-just to say, Anonymous has the facts, word for word. Kay is the niece of Ellis Hodge, Mama’s (or as you know her, “Aunt Loretta”) second husband. This is being written by Veda, the daughter that Loretta lives with to this day. I was the one you talked with when you came up with Kay and Gale. Dee was Mama’s third son, not a step son. Timothy is Dee’s son. Don’t know where that all came from. We don’t even call him Timothy. And I don’t think anything ever traumatized Dee. He would never talk about it much, because to a 7 year old, “it was just a bunch of junk”. It really did not impress him at all. He never saw the second sight at all. He never had any piece of it that he kept hidden away, there was one person, deceased many years ago, that she suspected would have some of it, if anyone did. Dee never ducked an interview, he would tell anyone who asked the same thing that he told us. “To a 7 year old, it was just a bunch of junk”. Our family has only been in the area for 95 years, so we pretty much knew who every one was even remotely close. Never heard of Wright, never had a neighbor named Thomas Edington, and Truman Spencer lived over 30 miles away. Travel in those days was difficult, to say the least, so not sure how his daughter managed to get to the site. Mama would have never referred to Dee as a spoiled brat. Until the military came out, the only way anyone got to the site was horseback. So there was not a lot of people knew about it. This article has people from all over the world hunting “hidden relics” that do not exist. That makes me slightly uncomfortable. Anyone who wants to hear what Mama had to say should stick with the basic interview that was posted and can be found by anyone doing a search on Loretta Proctor on their computer. That one has had nothing added, and nothing taken from it. Thank you. And again, I am not anonymous, I am VEDA.
Submitted on 2012/06/25 at 10:21 AM
It dawned on me that Kay is a niece to Lorettas second husband but I stand firm on the names and step situation, And No Metal Was Kept. Also Trumans grandsons were born over 20 years after the crash, Mac Brazels family lived in Tularosa not Las Cruces.

sorry to bother you again but I misunderstood the relationship to Truman. His daughter if she was even born at that time would have had to ride horseback over 30 miles as the crow flies to get to the crash site. I noticed on Vedas response she put the last name SPENCER. That family ranched between WHITE OAks and Carrizozo and the family you referred to ranched close to hiway 285 at least 30 miles from the crash site. I know about the PROCTOR family and that part of the world as I am from that part of the world. There were some EDINGTONS with connections to that area but coming from a family that lived there for years no one knew a THOMAS.

Thanks, Anonymous, for the clarification on the man with the first name of Truman. I immediately think of the ones near Carrizozo, MY MISTAKE!!! Anyone out there, PLEASE do NOT start contacting this family, as trying to get fact from fiction is tough enough, when people, (me included) do not proof read, and inadvertently call a wrong name, much less try to locate something that is not there, in the first place!! Again, you are absolutely, and totally correct in this reply you have made. VEDA

5 responses to “Blushes, Apologies and Corrections Regarding Loretta Proctor et al

  1. I recall trying to help some little church write up portions of their history, mostly a collection of individual vignettes. My first drafts were often comically inaccurate because people never seemed to realize the vast difference between what we knew and what they assumed we knew about events. When all you have is bits and pieces of conversations, you are left forming pretty wild fiction.

  2. Thank you very much for publishing this in an effort to clear up the ends that got headed in a wrong direction. Another blogger got your blog, and went really wild with it, such fabrications like I have never heard of. I posted a point by point list of corrections on his site, could have made many more corrections but didn’t, and it disappeared. I am not surprised. It would have ruined his fairy tale….Veda

  3. I find small details that contain the truth important as well as the little untruths that prompt inquiries about a non-existant piece of metal. It bothers me that over the years Loretta has been open about what happened and been misquoted or what she says has been taken out of context. It scares me that people of questionable mental status have shown up unannounced and uninvited at her ranch and after she married Ellis to question her about the UFO. It infuriates me to read on other blogs that the brat kept a piece of metal when it is not so and to hear Dee described as a raging drunk, morbidly obese, hermatic person. I knew him for over 50 years, and I saw him showing the effects of alcohol less than 5 times. The same blog has a picture a short while before he passed and he is over weight but not morbidly so. As far as being a hermit, he spent days every year helping at the county fair. The Proctor experience with the UFO was unique, the facts have not changed since 1947 so it does not need added to or revised. Dee was not traumatized, he was just not going to stand around and put up with questions that had already been answered.

    • Anonymous: Thanks for coming by and sharing your viewpoints, opinions, motives, anecdotes and sentiments. Having known various people myself for varying lengths of time during various circumstances I’m familiar with the phenomenon you describe.

      As I told Tony, I don’t have a dog in this fight.

      As an unidentified poster I hope you’ve had a fair hearing sufficient to communicate your views and find satisfactory ways to deal with the issues bothering you. J

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