Roswell – 1947

Just so’s to clear up my own position regarding the ‘Roswell Incident’.

After I read Witness To Roswell I came away convinced all those interviews had put the ball into the other end of the court insofar as what happened back then and who needed to carry the burden of proof.  I carried that line of thought around a few years, including the time of the visit with Loretta.

But my second-thoughts about whether I’d trust the book began when, maybe a year ago, I began getting emails from one of the authors of the book.  I’m not certain what it was about his emails cause me to experience a growing body of mistrust, suspicion and dislike, but something did.  My gut feel left me thinking I wouldn’t trust the guy far enough to want to step on him barefooted.

So, I’m back where I was from the beginning.  I have no idea what happened out on wossname’s ranch in 1947, other than what Loretta said about it during our conversation.  And I quite honestly don’t think it much matters in the overall scheme of things, what happened, what anyone believes happened, nuthun.

Nuthun at all.  I couldn’t care less whether there are aliens zipping around this planet, time travellers, government flying machines, new world order robots, Roswellcrucians, ghosts, phantoms, vampires, or just bored people making things up.

Old Jules

13 responses to “Roswell – 1947

  1. As I recall, although the man who contacted you said he was an author of the book, his name wasn’t listed on the Amazon listing of the book.
    I’d have to get a hold of a copy to see where he fit into that book as an author, but it seems to me that he was trying to promote his involvement to make himself more credible and convince you to give him more information.

    • Hi Jeanne: Possumly you’re correct. By the way, once of the comments yesterday a guy asked you to change a setting. You might want to read down a bit and see if it’s something you know how to do. J

  2. I so understand your position. I too no longer am sure as I used to be about what happened then, and to Betty and Barney Hill, and to others. And you know what? It doesn’t really matter. Something probably did happen; I just realize throughout the years that it doesn’t make an iota of difference whether I believe it or not. To what you wrote, I’d just add that people think too highly of themselves, as if in the big scheme of things, nature, or the world, or the universe, or even your own cat MUST take you seriously, or even care about you, or should. And your isthmus test is accurate too: to test whether an idea deserves your support, just look around and see who’s behind it and, specially, whether they’re willing to kill to defend it. If it’s just a belief, I’d run away as fast as I can. If it’s for the common good, well I’ll go to battle, provide that it’s to assure everyone’s right to be crazy about whatever they are, WITHOUT having to convince or take others along on their trip. In other words, this thing of carrying flags became a business of nutcases. I already spend a lot of time trying to deflate myself, so easy it is to become full of it, and that in a span of a single day. Too old to start believing now that I can convince others to do the same. Best

  3. I don’t care if they’re out there either. If they’re out there, they can stay OUT there because they are most definitely not welcome IN here where I am.

  4. Back when I was trying to work in public education, when kids asked me if I knew anything about Roswell, I would answer: “You know, when the government messes something up, and the truth is really embarrssing, the best way to hide it is promote almost any fiction that comes along.”

  5. Like so many other incidents or rumors, whether true or not, what can one single person of no influence whatsoever do about it. This is my one thought on the matter…

  6. I’m interested in the idea that I know someone who has met someone who was close to events much discussed since my mom was a kid. As yourself, my life wouldn’t change much if non-terrestrials landed tomorrow. I’d be happy, I suppose, because it might make other people think about things they never thought about before. I’d like to learn a few new things myself, when it comes to that.

  7. What I’ve learned after a year of bloggen- A post today is gone tomorrow!

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