Suppression of Public Discussion of How Damned Hot It Is

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I went to town a few days ago to get the stolen car covered by liability insurance, and when I returned the Great Speckled Bird was defunct.  Evidently decided it was better to take his chances on ending up in a factory farm for chickens next lifetime than put up with more of Old Sol’s blessings during this one.

Naturally his passing stirred things up considerably here.  The bachelor roosters were promoted to full-fledged hen-chasers and released to free range daily, sleep with the flock, nights.  But it’s also caused an undercurrent of rumors.  Whisperings and quiet cluckings nights when the doers can’t be identified and prosecuted.  Claims that it wasn’t just the heat offed TGSB, but radioactive fallout. 

It’s partly my own fault.  One of the felines was probably sneaking a look when I was reading trivia such as the article below:

Gen. Stubblebine’s prognosis is dire: “When the highly radioactive Spent Fuel Rods are exposed to air, there will be massive explosions releasing many times the amount or radiation released thus far. Bizarrely, they are stored three stories above ground in open concrete storage pools. Whether through evaporation of the water in the pools, or due to the inevitable further collapse of the structure, there is a severe risk. United States public health authorities agree that tens of thousands of North Americans have already died from the Fukushima calamity. When the final cataclysm occurs, sooner rather than later, the whole Northern Hemisphere is at risk of becoming largely uninhabitable.

“. . . The US Government’s statistics document an excess death rate of 20,000 US residents, mostly healthy infants, in the first 9 months following the multiple nuclear events at Fukushima. . As a humanitarian, strategist, intelligence analyst, father and grandfather, General Bert understands that doing nothing is, quite simply, not an option.

“. . . The lack of information is, however, a matter of State policy in Japan where it is now a felony offense to discuss negative aspects of either nuclear power or the Fukushima situation in particular.”

Old General Bert’s correct, the cats, chickens and I all agree.  Doing nothing is not an option.  But as Commander in Chief around here, I’m not aware of a damned thing I can do, nor of anything the cats and chickens can do to influence whether the Northern Hemisphere becomes largely uninhabitable.

Any more than we can do anything about this heat wave, except hunker down and try to think of ways to not follow TGSB into the next incarnation.  And maybe try to find something useful to occupy ourselves despite the standing 8-count we’re all trying to function in.

For starters, I’m declaring martial law within the hearing-radius of the cabin and henhouse.  Japan, at least, can be accused of doing something, even though not a damned thing can be done.  I’m taking a page from Japan’s book and making it a criminal offence for any item of poultry, feline, or human being here to say, “Damn it’s hot.”  Or, “Reckon how radioactive it is today?”

Old Jules

12 responses to “Suppression of Public Discussion of How Damned Hot It Is

  1. LOVED the photo and the last two lines!

  2. Faux pas: My comment may have sounded too chipper in light of the passing of the TGSP. I’m sorry for your loss! (I had seen the announcement on facebook.)

    • gkinnard: I appreciate your sentiments, but no condolences are in order. TGSB will be missed, but he had a life longer and better here than almost any other I can imagine for him. I celebrate what he had and wish him something equally good whatever comes next for him. Good chicken, good inevitable outcome. Not much more a chicken, nor any other living being, could ask. Gracias, J

  3. The general and his group have a place in Panama called Valley of the Moon. You and the cats and the chickens could go there. Me, I am going to brave it out here in north America. . .

  4. Guess I’ll be staying here, too, unless someone else is buying the tickets. Wonder how much I’ll glow at night, and whether it will disturb the wife’s sleep?

    • Hi Ed: Radioactivity probably doesn’t interfere with sleep, as I understand it. North America’s as good a place as any to glow. Cuts down on the light bills is the way I see it. J

  5. we may as well all laugh. I notice in movies recently filmed in England the ominous presence of nuclear power plants….nobody actually looks at them, or acknowledges them. Of course, there is a decommissioned one about 40 minutes from where I live, right on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is defunct, but nobody knows what to do with the spent fuel rods that sill lurk there. Too sad that we as a race have chosen that instead of wind and solar power. I’m glad I’ve lived as long as I have, but it is a disappointing world we are handing over to the young’uns.
    In (glowing) light of all that, I do appreciate your humor!

  6. …abuse of a power over which there is absolutely no control;
    good job, earth’s demise is the plan.

  7. good job, IF earth’s demise is the plan

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