Long Humor vs Short Humor/No Humor

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

I dunno.  I suppose I’d have to call the previous post successful in the sense a few people must have read all the way through it.  The testimony’s in the several subscribers who cancelled their subscriptions.

But generally I think my particular brand of BS as it manifests itself in attempts at humor works better if I keep it short.

On the other hand, the lead-in probably escapes a lot of readers, no matter how short the immortal prose happens to be.  Causes the occasional reader to think I might be wanting to seriously discuss politics.  A couple of the comments led me to think that might be the case.

All in all, probably the Universe is a better place if my attempts at funny just zip off into the ether and don’t hit anything on the way to Galactic Prime. 

Old Jules

25 responses to “Long Humor vs Short Humor/No Humor

  1. You ARE f-u-n-n-y!!!

  2. What’s that saying? “Never get in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.” You are well-armed, and I’m grateful. Besides, a man who posts pictures of trains can’t be all bad. That locomotive rock even has some “steam” coming out of it.

  3. Hi Jules,
    Just keep your thoughts – funny or not, long or short – coming. They’re always interesting. And don’t think of anyone who cancels the subscription because of one post.
    Have a good one,
    P.S.: I wouldn’t cancel a subscription to a blog because of a certain posting, even if I didn’t like it. That’s what comments are for, to my mind: discuss different views with the blog’s author. I would only cancel a blog if, in the long run, it doesn’t present anything that’s of interest to me.

  4. I enjoy reading your morning thoughts — keep’m coming. Just remember, it’s a crazy world out there.

  5. I simply got a little behind on my reading, but I didn’t unsubscribe. Coincidentally, I got behind on my reading because I was writing a six page letter to the State of Vermont telling them how absolutely juvenile and ludicrous they have become. I doubt it will accomplish anything, but I feel better. I would send them the link to your post, but Vermont has no seaport and they would probably waste more tax dollars on a study of the feasibility of your recommendations anyway.

    Those that unsubscribed were probably bureaucrats, and you deserve a pat on the back for cutting them from the herd. Good job, and keep those posts coming. I still appreciate the read.

    • Hi Steve: Glad you’re a survivor. Hope you managed to convince those Vermontonians so at least they’ll know. I’d never thought about how discrimatory is is that Vermont doesn’t have any coastline. Maybe the Vermont National Guard can take some away from Maine at gunpoint. Gracias, J

  6. I’m still with you Ole Jules, even though I wasn’t sure whether you were being funny or not. Your previous posts have left it clear to me that you don’t take sides in political matters.

    • Hi Rosaliene: Sometimes boundaries become ambiguous. Not easy to distinguish what’s politics, what ain’t. When that happens I whistle Bluebonnets Over the Border and go in with guns blazing. Glad you’re here. Jules

  7. I’m with Pit — I never unsubscribe because of a single post unless it’s really offensive and egregious. Usually I have to find over time that a blog isn’t really my cup of tea overall before I’ll walk away entirely!

  8. Politics? That one comment sounded more like religion. I haven’t encountered too many religions promoting leaving folks alone. Love your stuff.

    • Ed: I can’t say with certainty that all politics isn’t religion of one variety or another. The belief that human beings can fix things, amend things, make things right has a religious side. Gracias. Glad you’re around. J

  9. Hell Jules,
    You know I’m always talking about politics. And I wouldn’t unsubscribe unless your posts get too INOFFENSIVE.
    I find your articles often have a slight barb that could easily catch any number of targets.
    So I think you do talk about politics but witout talking about politics; if you take my meaning.
    Or pehaps it would be accurate to say that you talk about social questions and situations and the lessons from those can easily be applied to political situations if you care to think on them a bit.
    Either way I always learn something; even if it’s just how a communist hen thinks.

    • angrymanspeaks: I try not to be inoffensive but sometimes it creeps in and takes me by surprise. Or people think I’m being inoffensive when I ain’t. Glad to see you. Gracias, J

  10. Peaceful Page

    I find your ruminations to be refreshing and fascinating. Thank you. (Trains are cool!)

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  12. I just want to know how to get to Locomotive Rock. Do enjoy your ramblings about life!

    • Gypsy Bev: It’s located between Laguna and Acoma Pueblos. If you were on I what? 10? The interstate west out of ABQ, took the Laguna Casino exit and drove north past all the new construction you’d see it to the east four, five miles up the road. Slightly further north, Forbidden Mesa, then you’d hit Acoma Pueblo. Gracias, J

      • Thanks Jules. Next month I hope to visit a friend in Deming, NM so looks like a possible view. For some reason I like rocks and Forbidden Mesa sounds interesting itself. Maybe I am a descendant of a cave man!

        • Hi Gypsy Bev: You might consider looking into whether the Perfect Man Shrine’s still out on the desert edge of Columbus, 30 miles south of Deming. If you visit there I’d be interested in the current condition of the place. I wonder about it now and then. There’s a post on this blog somewhere about it, I think. But City of Rocks, off the road to the east of the highway to Silver City a few miles might be to your tastes as a spectacular work of nature. Just a few miles up the road from Deming. Have a great trip. Gracias, J

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