Daily Archives: June 1, 2013

Come in and get me, coppers!

I’m thinking I’m going to have to start sending more interesting emails to people on my Yahoo account, or quit using it. Mainly all I get on there are daily digests from a few dozen Yahoo groups about raising chickens, sensor technology, recovering micron gold, and vintage Toyota RVs. I need to get into sex, guns and shoot’em ups with the cops if I want to keep Yahoo people from being bored.


Dark suit: “Old Jules, we saw on one of your emails that you think chickens are smarter than human beings. Could we come inside and talk with you a few minutes? We’d like you to answer a few questions.” Me: “Come in and get me coppers! You’ll never take me alive!”

 Dark suit: “Old Jules, one of your emails commented that you never see women wearing dresses anymore when you go to town. You said the only people wearing dresses nowdays are men. We believe this might be a hate crime. Could we come inside and ask you a few questions?” Me: “Come in and get me coppers! etc.”

Dark suit: “Old Jules, one of your Yahoo emails contained the statement, “The president is nothing but a white multinational banker with a full body tattoo, big investments in the weaponry and chemical companies, and a private army of mercenaries disguised as the US military and Homeland Security. Are these your own conclusions? How did you find out about the tattoo?”