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Now realllllly – Some things might be worse than dying

Mary Jane and Sniffles

They know Mary Jane ain’t going to kill them.  Lying about it, pretending it might just proves to them you’re a liar or a fool and that nothing you say is worth taking seriously.

Wouldn’t it be better to just tell the truth?

Ah baby! Yes.  Yes. YES!

Ah baby! Yes. Yes. YES!

“What will your mother say when you get out of the slammer and she discovers you’ve been anally raped by every ethnic prison gang ranging from the White Brotherhood to the Crips, the Bloods, to La Raza Unita? 

“That you were forced to perform oral sex every night for the  guy  in the top bunk?”

Mommy wants that to happen to OTHER peoples’ kids and doesn’t want you to know she wants it for them, but she sure as hell doesn’t want it to happen to hers.  So she tells you the next best thing.  A lie.

A couple more thoughts about that pledge

the forbidden door

Okay.  A pledge is a pledge is a pledge.  An oath.  A promise to be taken seriously by the person pledging.  If the person making the pledge doesn’t understand what he’s pledging the ultimate result is that he/she won’t take it seriously, won’t even know what he/she pledged to do.  And by extension, won’t take any other pledge, oath, or promise he/she makes seriously, either.

And yet, that pledge is being made by rote in schools all over the country every day by kids who have no inkling what they’re pledging.  They probably have no idea what some of the words mean, even.

First off, they’re pledging allegiance to a FLAG.  A symbol.  And that flag is being waved around constantly by people assigning a meaning to it pushing every imaginable agenda and activity from selling furniture to conducting a military adventure. 

So how the hell are those kids supposed to conclude there’s something specific to what they’re promising?  Ahhhh… “of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands.”  Well that narrows things down a lot.  Cuts out the riffraff.  They’re not obliging themselves to any allegiance to the state or region they live in, nor to the hood.  They’re not promising to be loyal to Australia nor Austria.

Welllllll, then comes the clincher.  “One [count’em] 1 each, nation.”  Skip the ‘under God’ distraction and read what it said before 1954.  “One nation, INDIVISIBLE”.

And there, my friends, you have the crux of the whole matter.  The US Constitution failed to say that once a geographic entity got its foot into the door it was stuck there permanently.  It caused a lot of confusion back in the 1860s because it was assumed when the Constitution said everything not specifically forbidden by itself was okay.  States believed they could withdraw because the Constitution didn’t say they were in for the duration.

So the obvious solution is to make kids say it’s indivisible before they know the meaning of the word.  Hammer it to hell into their heads and make them promise every day they won’t try to divide this country again.  And keep them doing it all their lives.

Otherwise they might grow up to be Democrats or Republicans and spend every waking moment being as divisive as they can manage about every facet of existence here, driving wedges, over every nuance they can think of.  Whining constantly over breadcrumbs sifted from the US Constitution concerning countless other things it doesn’t say.

And never getting around to listening to the last words they utter after they get the one republics, under Gods, and indivisibles out of the way.

“With liberty and justice for all.”  That would just really be too big a pill to swallow.

Loose Ends – Weight and Balance

Weight and balance

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

Gale came down last night with a couple of hundred photos of the 1978 Ford Econoline RV and his impressions of what he’d seen.  Considering the amount of money I have at my disposal and what I intend to do with myself, he thinks it’s a good vehicle.

Both he, and the neighbor up the hill have grave concerns acknowledging if the RV dies somewhere out there I’m going to be dead in the water.  They both believe a better option would be a pickup and pull behind travel trailer.  I agree.

But the fact is, if I spent half on a pickup and half on a travel trailer I’d end up with two cheap, likely undependable artifacts in my life with high probabilities for failure instead of one.

I’m going to be checking this out carefully and if it is the best game in town, I’ll play.

My friend Eddie, meanwhile, pointed out that the Salvation Mountain job probably would be hotter and pay less than a gate guard at an oil field site if I can get such a job.  I’ll be thinking through whether that’s something I want to pursue.  Ed Hurst indicated he thought it’s a weight and balance matter – just a problem of how much a person is willing to put up with for the sake of more money.

Which, when you boil every thing down and scrape what’s left on the bottom off the inside of the pot, pretty much describes modern life.