Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

Daily Doomsday Injections

Went over to Yahoo weather to see what a person might expect in the way of tornadoes or hurricanes etc around here today and noticed the world’s probably going to end today instead of having any weather.

Fairly interesting how interesting a lot of people find the idea of the world ending instead of them just dying the natural way in some car wreck or intensive care unit of a hospital, or strapped slumped into a wheel chair in a nursing home watching a rolling TV screen drooling.

Briefly wondered whether people sneakily think they won’t die without  the world ending with them, everyone going at once.

Top of the list seems to still be ‘global warming’.  Which is the short term view of the world recovering from the last ice age and blaming it on ourselves that it’s doing it.

Doomsday: 9 Real Ways the Earth Could End



Return of the Native

Hi readers.  Those of you still out there with a desire to read what I write, hello and howdy.  I hope you are aware you’re reading the words of one of the most ignorant human beings in the western hemisphere.  I’ve spent the past six months having it proved to me.

Mostly I’ve spent the last six months finding out all the things can go wrong with a 1983 Toyota RV when a person buys one without knowing what he’s doing.  And trying to figure out what I’m going to do to replace it with something I can depend on not setting me and the cats dead in the water somewhere beside the road in some pest hole the Coincidence Coordinators chose instead of me doing it.

That, and hoarding pennies and nickles so’s I can afford to do whatever I decide needs doing.

If I can’t keep myself from doing it, I’ll probably be posting here again on and off for a while.  I’ve had a nice sabbatical, give or take the fact I’m here, right where I was when I went on my walkabout to nowhere.

Thanks for coming by.