Return of the Native

Hi readers.  Those of you still out there with a desire to read what I write, hello and howdy.  I hope you are aware you’re reading the words of one of the most ignorant human beings in the western hemisphere.  I’ve spent the past six months having it proved to me.

Mostly I’ve spent the last six months finding out all the things can go wrong with a 1983 Toyota RV when a person buys one without knowing what he’s doing.  And trying to figure out what I’m going to do to replace it with something I can depend on not setting me and the cats dead in the water somewhere beside the road in some pest hole the Coincidence Coordinators chose instead of me doing it.

That, and hoarding pennies and nickles so’s I can afford to do whatever I decide needs doing.

If I can’t keep myself from doing it, I’ll probably be posting here again on and off for a while.  I’ve had a nice sabbatical, give or take the fact I’m here, right where I was when I went on my walkabout to nowhere.

Thanks for coming by.

19 responses to “Return of the Native

  1. I think most walkabouts lead to nowhere. Maybe everything does. And of course, there’s that adage: nowhere = now here. fwiw. 🙂 I’m glad you’re back posting. Intelligence and wit are in short supply out here…

  2. Thanks Teresa Evangeline. Probably a man needs a humbling experience now and then to get him humble instead of allowing him to be the non-humble person I’m naturally inclined to be. I appreciate you. J

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time of it. There’s no question… the more adventurous among us sometimes bite off more than they can chew, sometimes overestimate their ability to solve problems… I imagine that it is pretty hard with an old vehicle like that… maybe if you’d been taking care of it for a long time, you could have had it under control;. Don’t be discourage. If you survived the adventure, there’s always another day.

    • Hi ShimonZ, and thanks. Comes down to it, I’m not figuring on surviving the adventure. At least i hope I don’t. But I wouldn’t object to surviving a few more of the episodes before it gets serious.

      I can’t bring myself to be sorry for this part of it…. just one more of those learning experiences a person goes through, this one being more a matter of slowing my pace as I head where I’m naturally headed, though I am less confident about where that might be. Gracias, J

  4. These older models can sure be troublesome at times but much easier to work on than the new ones. Best of luck to you Jules, keep up the posts.

    • Thanks Tim. Yeah, a person loses track of how old things are. 1983 just didn’t seem long ago when I was buying the thing. Seemed almost new. Gracias, J

  5. Hang on, Native…we went through 2 junkers b4 we found an RV that could work.

    • Thanks wanderer. I’m going to allow myself to hope it will only be this one I go through. I might have to hold the next one in abeyance until the next lifetime. Gracias

  6. Keep on keepin’ on. Let us know if you come across something worth telling.

  7. Missed your eloquence.

  8. Thanks for the reads TW Dittmer and lenrosen4.

  9. Glad your back, Jack! You have been missed. Take it easy on yourself, there. Remember you can only be as kind to others as you are kind to yourself.
    Much love, Bodhi

  10. Can’t say I “Like” this post in which you relate your predicament of late but I am glad you are again posting “So Far from Heaven”, hopefully on a more regular basis?

    • Hi Lindy Lee. At this stage of my life I make no promises except to my cats, but I think I’ll be posting more if nothing happens to stop me. Thanks, J

  11. Welcome back and blessed be.

  12. Sorry you had trouble with your “home Jules”. May it be under control now. I used to think the “older” was easier to work on. When there’s problems it makes no difference how old they are and old actually creates issues with these things.

    I’m actually rethinking this and am considering pulling a certain small trailer “Scamp” so I can get down to one vehicle and stay warm as these are insulated real well compared to most who have little or none. R15.

    Is “home” your RV. Good to see you post.

    • Hi One Fly. Good to see you still around. Wondered how you’re doing occasionally. Maybe we’ll come across one another in the real world sometime. J

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