The joys of patriotism

hero patriot2

Being the staunch patriot that I am, I love seeing those pictures of some brave good American boy marine, or seabee, or special forces hero crawl out of a hideyhole and blow the head off some anonymous coward on a cliff half-mile away.

I love it when some good brave American hero technician punches a button in Kabul to launch a drone and blows the arms and legs off a village full of anonymous people all the way over in Pakistan who should have been more careful where they lived.

I love it that good American hero soldier boys can hide inside a tank that a nuclear weapon couldn’t penetrate and blow up anything that offends their sensibilities in some godforsaken country where the people don’t value human life the way we do.

We’re paying a million, or a billion dollars a day into keeping our good brave troops over there all over places nobody ever heard of for reasons nobody can fathom.  But at least we’re getting something worthwhile for our money.  We can look at those pictures of bodies falling off cliffs and blood and guts of kids, women and even the occasional man, and know our heroes are defending our country and our freedom.


11 responses to “The joys of patriotism

  1. You cut like a knife when you talk about life, Old Jules. Keep it coming.

  2. Sadly, it continues to get worse. It doesn’t matter one bit that we are opposed and vocal in that opposition because nobody cares as long as the American military/industrial complex is making money. Money that will be entirely useless if there is a food shortage and no food to buy.

    • Hi elroyjones. Good seeing you still around. Seems fairly certain it’s not getting any better, anyway. And there’s no evidence anyone making decisions cares. We used to scratch our heads during the Vietnam War about how it could just go on and on and what it would take to bring it to a close. Took a president screwing up on another matter and getting himself impeached to do it. But the Army wasn’t all mercenaries then, everyone had a chance of getting someone they cared about killed. If we still had the draft this one would look a lot different, I think. It’s not as easy to get excited and raise a lot of hell about it when the only people over there are people who want to be part of it.

  3. And here’s our government sending money it has to borrow to countries whose people want us annihilated while laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Momlady: Here’s the government doing whatever it does whyever it does it. Might just be those people who want us annihilated would forget we exist if they weren’t seeing US troops all around and ducking bullets.

  4. drones, however you define the word

  5. Glad to see you back with your old vim and vigor. Have missed your posts that tell it like it is!

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